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- The Heep on Tour!!!
Nov 1 - Thessaloniki - Greece - Ydrogios
Nov 2 - Athens - Greece - Gagarin 205
Nov 7 - The Magician's Birthday Party - John Wetton Band & John Lawton Band
at the Mean Fiddler
Nov 8 - The Magician's Birthday Party - Uriah Heep & Focus at the London
** Uriah Heep on tour with Deep Purple **
Nov 21 - Helsinki - Finland - Ice Hall
Nov 22 - Tallinn - Estonia - Saku Suurhall / Arena
Nov 24 - Stockholm - Sweden - Hovet
Nov 25 - Oslo - Norway - Spektrum
Nov 27 - Gothenburg - Sweden - Liseberghallen
Nov 28 - Malm÷ - Sweden - Baltiska Hallen
Nov 29 - ┼rhus - Denmark - Scandinavia Congres Center
Nov 30 - Copenhagen - Denmark - KB Hallen
** Uriah Heep on tour with Blue Íyster Cult **
Dec 3 - Hannover - Germany - Capitol Theatre
Dec 4 - Koln - Germany - E-Werk
Dec 5 - Saarburg - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 6 - Karlsruhe - Germany - Festhalle Durlach
Dec 7 - Mannheim - Germany - Capitol Theatre
Dec 9 - Memmingen - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 11 - Munchen - Germany - Muffakthalle
Dec 12 - Hamburg - Germany - Fabrik
Dec 13 - Tuttlingen - Germany - Neue Stadthalle
Dec 14 - Lichtenfels - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 16 - Nurnburg - Germany - Lowensaal
Dec 18 - Stuttgart - Germay - Filharmonie Filderstadt
Dec 19 - Nordenham - Germany - Nordenham Stadthalle

- Less than 1 month to go to The Magician's Birthday Party 2003 event!!  If
you need help to find a hotel to stay, or to find where the venues are,
please visit our "MBP 2003 Help Page":
http://www.moreheep.com/mbp2003/helppage.htm .  Haven't yet
subscribed/bought your tickets?  Then go to the ordering page:
http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/mbp2003.html .

- The Full Uriah Heep Experience is available on the 21st Century!  Read
the BOOK
listen to the CD and watch the VIDEO
and attend the CONCERT

- More photos and comments from Mick Box are now available at
http://www.uriah-heep.com/Mickpics/ !  Belgium, Holland, Switzerland,
Korea, Germany... and more to come soon!!!

- Check out a report and photos of Heepvention 2003
here:  http://www.uriah-heep.com/hv03.html !  Congratulations to the
organizing team and to all those who joined the festivities!

- Worlds Best Band poll update! Alright, The Heep is now in #16 with 790
votes.  A few more, and we'll beat Queen and Radiohead!  Here's the link to
cast your vote:  http://fredag.dagbladet.no/fredag/2003/07/25/374214.html
(thanks to Egil Bokn).

- Interesting Mick Box quotes here:
(thanks to Kevin J. Julie for the tip)


- Confirming the news posted here last week, the new David Byron book,
"Born To Perform", is ready and being delivered!  If you haven't ordered
yours, then please e-mail Jeff Perkins at rockingrodents@btopenworld.com,
or go to http://www.angelfire.com/rock3/davidbyron/ .

- Next Saturday: Bernie Shaw and John Lawton on "Total Rock" radio in the
UK with Malcolm Dome at about 20:00 (8 pm).  For extra details:
http://www.totalrock.com .

- According to Roberto Cosentino, some new John Lawton Band concerts are
planned for Italy in December:
12 Dec - The Field - Carpaneto Piacentino (near Piacenza), 30 minutes south
of Milan
13 Dec - La Sfinge - Brescia, 40 minutes east of Milan
For additional info please contact Matteo Filippini at
moonstone2001@libero.it and/or Roberto Cosentino at mileworker@tin.it .

- Last week we announced the "new" John Lawton Band setlist.  It happens
that it was quite wrong!  Well, well, sometimes our sources
fail!  ;-)  Anyway, here's the current setlist, according to Iris Lawton:
"The band only played stuff from 'Sting in the Tale' with the addition of 4
Lucifer's Friend songs: 'Let Me Down Slow', 'Heartbreaker', 'Moonshine
Rider'  and 'Ride In The Sky' , plus 'Don't Kill The Fire" (from 'Steppin'
It Up') which included the bass and drum solo... in Berlin they added
'Tonight' on special request...:-)".

- The transcription of the Online Chat with Ken Hensley, happened on
October 11th, can be read at the website: http://www.ken-hensley.com
.  Also, a new instalment of the Star Letter can also be found there.  Just
go to "News" and follow the links...

- Vote for a 2004 Blackfoot Tour!  Ken Hensley used to be with them in the
80's, and now there's a strong possibility that the original lineup will be
together for a new tour, if enough fans want it.  Charlie Hargrett, Greg T.
Walker and Jakson Spires are all up for it but it needs the fans to
convince Rickey Medlocke.  Fans can sign an on-line petition at
http://www.4ndns.com (Greg T. Walker's site).  This is NOT a campaign to
get Rickey to leave Lynyrd Skynyrd (who will be taking a long rest at the
end of the 30th Anniversary Tour), just to get him to agree to a
one-off Blackfoot Tour... Go to it!

- We have up at Uriah-Heep.com a page dedicated to the late Heepster
Joost Dingenouts.  He passed away a week ago at the age of 44.  Our best
thoughts are with Joost and his family and friends!  Here's the
link: http://www.moreheep.com/joostdingenouts/ .


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