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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
*** 2006 ***
February 8 - Princess Grounds (In Palace Grounds), Bangalore, India
February 10 - The Red Tree Music Festival, MMRDA Grounds, Bandra
(East), Mumbai, India
February 12 - Indoor Tennis, Jakarta, Indonesia
February 14 - Shangri-la Ballroom, Surabaya, Indonesia
February 17 - TBA, Bangkok, Thailand
February 23 - Heroes of Rock Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
TBA - Concert Hall, Kiev, Ukraine
TBA - Culture House Listopad, Poltava, Ukraine
TBA - Opera Theatre, Kharkov, Ukraine
To buy tickets for the UK shows, tel.: 0870 400 0688 or online at
- Metal Express Radio's review of Uriah Heep live in Oslo on the 4th
of December:
Uriah Heep pictures from same night:
(thanks to Per Olav Heimstad for the info).
- At the Dutch Heep website (http://www.uriahheepholland.com) you can
find photos from the recent Heep gigs in the Netherlands and
also from the "Heep In" event in Weert.  The Boerderij gig was
completely sold out!
- The first pics available from the recent Heep tour in Germany (made
by Karola Breier) are online now:
Renate Fischer of SOT).
- Photos from the Astoria gig in London can be seen here:
http://uriah-heep.com/newa/astoria2/ (thanks to Dougie the mega) and
here: http://uriah-heep.com/newa/astoria/ (thanks to Mike Taylor).
- The "Wizards And Demons" limited edition 4-DVD and 96-page book set
is now being shipped!  More info and ordering available here:
- The brand new Uriah Heep stickers can now be ordered at
http://www.heeprena.de/Heepaufkleber/ !  They will be available to
ship in the beginning of February 2006.  These are produced by Stay
On Top in Germany and authorised by the band.  Spread the Heep word!
- Heep on UK's "Classic Rock Magazine" again:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/Heepmt2.jpg .  Also mentioned is keyboard
player Phil Lanzon's book "Strange & Wondermus Stories" (thanks to
Mike Taylor for the info).
- End of year again, and Heep make it to some charts!  Uriah Heep
entered the "Rock 500" chart of http://www.arrow.nl with 6 tracks:
#36 - "July Morning"; #47 - "Easy Livin'"; #128 - "Gypsy"; #148 -
"Return to Fantasy"; #228 - "Look at Yourself"; #243 - "Lady in
Black".  Everyday, from tomorrow on, the broadcasted tracks will be
published at
.  Good performances also on
on #129 out of 1000),
Radio Veronica (# 639 on the Top 1000).

- Sad news to tell... Martin Kramer, webmaster of
http://www.uriah-heep-romandie.com/ passed away on November 21st
victim of a heart attack.  "We are so sorry to hear that Martin has
passed away.  That was a real shock.  He was always a gentleman when
we met him at shows and his support of Uriah Heep was fantastic.  Our
thoughts are with his family and may he rest in peace" - Mick Box, Uriah Heep

- Heepsters Around the world... Let us see who and where you


- John Lawton will be singing together with the Bulgarian top rock
act BTR on December 31st 2005!  Glenn Hughes also to perform!
 From the BTR website: "Is there a better way of meeting the New Year
and celebrating than having Deep Purple and Uriah Heep together on
stage with your favorite B.T.R?  Well, this is happening!  We were
thrilled to find out that both Glenn Hughes and John Lawton were
happy to accept our invitations for what would be a historical event
at the Black Sea city of Kavarna, Bulgaria!  In our opinion the best
recognition of all is the fact that both stars agreed to perform with
B.T.R instead of having their own bands on stage, since they have
already seen what our guys can do!  Just for the fans of our site we
are revealing parts of the playlist for the evening, which otherwise
is kept secret: "Stormbringer", "Mistreated", "Smoke on the Water",
"Burn", "Sail Away", "Keep on Moving", "Might Just Take Your Life"
(with Glenn) and "Easy Living", "Lady in Black", "Look at Yourself",
"Wizard", "Hanging Tree", "Stealin'", "Sympathy" (with John).  Awesome, right!"
http://www.btrus.com (scroll down)

- Rock'n'Roll Universe have a brand new, exclusive interview with Ken
Hensley online.  Conducted November 18th, during a lull in Ken's
Scandinavian tour, Hensley discusses his days in Heep, his new solo
anthology "Cold Autumn Sunday", as well as what's next on the horizon
for one of rock's most legendary keyboardists.  Enjoy!!  To access
the interview go to this location:
Keith Langerman).

- The Ken Hensley diary written during the recent Scandinavian tour
have been uploaded to http://www.ken-hensley.com (go to "News" and
follow the link from there).

- The Living Loud CD and DVD featuring Lee Kerslake and Bob Daisley
are due to be released in the USA soon.  More details here:

- Info on an interesting Heep cover band called Purple Heep can be
found here:
(sound clips available).
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