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- The Heep on Tour!!!  Next weekend it's time for the Greeks to watch The
Heep in action!!
Nov 1 - Thessaloniki - Greece - Ydrogios
Nov 2 - Athens - Greece - Gagarin 205
Nov 7 - The Magician's Birthday Party - John Wetton Band & John Lawton Band
at the Mean Fiddler
Nov 8 - The Magician's Birthday Party - Uriah Heep & Focus at the London
** Uriah Heep on tour with Deep Purple **
Nov 21 - Helsinki - Finland - Ice Hall
Nov 22 - Tallinn - Estonia - Saku Suurhall / Arena
Nov 24 - Stockholm - Sweden - Hovet
Nov 25 - Oslo - Norway - Spektrum
Nov 27 - Gothenburg - Sweden - Liseberghallen
Nov 28 - Malmö - Sweden - Baltiska Hallen
Nov 29 - Århus - Denmark - Scandinavia Congres Center
Nov 30 - Copenhagen - Denmark - KB Hallen
** Uriah Heep on tour with Blue Öyster Cult **
Dec 3 - Hannover - Germany - Capitol Theatre
Dec 4 - Koln - Germany - E-Werk
Dec 5 - Saarburg - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 6 - Karlsruhe - Germany - Festhalle Durlach
Dec 7 - Mannheim - Germany - Capitol Theatre
Dec 9 - Memmingen - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 11 - Munchen - Germany - Muffakthalle
Dec 12 - Hamburg - Germany - Fabrik
Dec 13 - Tuttlingen - Germany - Neue Stadthalle
Dec 14 - Lichtenfels - Germany - Stadthalle
Dec 16 - Nurnburg - Germany - Lowensaal
Dec 18 - Stuttgart - Germay - Filharmonie Filderstadt
Dec 19 - Nordenham - Germany - Nordenham Stadthalle

- Magician's Birthday Party 2003 update!  Heather Findlay, Mostly Autumn's
singer, will be duetting with John Wetton on a brand new song specially
written by John with Heather's voice in mind.  The new song will receive
its world premier with Heather joining John live on stage at the Mean
Fiddler on Friday November 7th as John's very special guest.  Heather may
also help out with the vocal duties on at least one other Wetton
classic.  Says John: 'I was really impressed by Mostly Autumn when I picked
up their show at the Brook. It is an amazing band and naturally Heather is
a real prospect for the future.  So when I began to work on this new song
it seemed like the ideal time to try it out in the live environment.  The
whole 'Magician's Birthday' weekend will be a real blast.  John Lawton and
I have a few surprises planned for the Friday and there's a really good
feeling around the whole weekend.  It should be great fun with a lot of
interaction and different ideas being thrown around".  The John Wetton gig
is a special warm up for the "Magician's Birthday Party" with Uriah Heep
which will feature both John Wetton and John Lawton on stage with
Heep.  Support on the Saturday is from Dutch legends Focus.  The
"Magician's Birthday Party" takes place the next night (Saturday November
8th) upstairs in the main Astoria.  Tickets for the John Wetton & John
Lawton show are £12 and can be ordered on-line or by calling 01789
207152.  At time of writing only 300 remain so you need to move
fast!!!  Tickets for the Heep & Focus show are almost sold out (!!), less
than a hundred remain at £20 and can also be obtained on-line or by calling
01789 207152.  It's first come first served... be there!
Related links:
http://www.mostly-autumn.com/wettonfindlay.html (details)
http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/mbp2003.html (complete info &
http://www.moreheep.com/mbp2003/helppage.htm (the "help page")

- Photos from the Israeli gigs can be seen here:
http://www.moreheep.com/israel2003/ and

- World's Best Band poll update!  The Heep is now in #13 with 875
votes!  Nirvana and Kiss are the next ones to be beaten!  Here's the link
to cast your
vote:  http://fredag.dagbladet.no/fredag/2003/07/25/374214.html (thanks to
Egil Bokn).


- John Lawton will be guesting (solo) with the German rock band "Cosmic
Banditos" on the 29th November at the Stadthalle/Ludwigsburg (about 25km
from Stuttgart)...... it's the Band's 10th anniversary!

- Next Sunday, November 2nd, there'll be an online chat with John
Lawton!  Get online and talk to John a couple of days before the concert
with his band at the Mean Fiddler (Nov 7th) and as a guest on Uriah Heep's
"Magician's Birthday Party" at the London Astoria (Nov 8th).  The chat is
scheduled to begin at 15:00 (3 pm), London time.  Instructions and detailed
info (including the beginning time for other countries) will be available
at the John Lawton Band's site (http://www.johnlawtonband.com) pretty soon!

- There was a slight delay in the schedule for the limited edition of Ken
Hensley's "The Last Dance" CDs to be out of the factory, due to a car crash
involving José Manuel, the artist responsible for the booklet's artwork.
He's doing much better now (despite a broken sternum and some cracked
ribs!!) and the artwork was finalized. The CDs will be shipped in the
second week of November. The first 150 people who ordered the new CD will
also receive an extra Lady In Black Maxi Single CD as a reward for their
patience!  The regular version of the album will be only available by
mid-late January 2004, so you have not yet got your copy, act fast as there
are only 500 limited edition copies available!  Details at
http://www.ken-hensley.com .

- "July Morning" made it to #40 in the "Sympho Top 40" compiled by Arrow
Classic Rock Radio and printed in the "Aloha" magazine.  The text on the
magazine says: "From Ken Hensley, the keyboards man who wrote the song with
David Byron, are these lines as written on the cover of the third album
Look at Yourself: 'One of our favorite tracks on the album is 'July
Morning'. It develops to a strong live song.  David's vocals in particular
are very strong, and Manfred Mann comes along with his Minimoog to color up
the end".  And that's just it.  Magical Moment: at 4.51 when David 4 times
shouts La-aa louder and louder..."


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