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- THE MAGICIAN'S BIRTHDAY PARTY 2003 Update... Breaking News!!!
"Heep Festival Club 2003" venue announced!

Looking for a place to hang out and meet other Heep fans during the
"Magician's Birthday Party" weekend?  Well here's the answer....... it's
the return of the Heep Club!  At last, a definite venue has been organized
for this year's Heep Club: it is the Radius nightclub which is upstairs at
the Borderline.  Only one street from the Astoria and the Mean Fiddler with
an entrance on Goslett Yard next to the Royal George Pub!
A map for the Borderline/Radius: http://www.borderline.co.uk/html/map.php
  It's an elegant, up market venue and the management have agreed to
provide full bar facilities from 11am to 4pm each day on Friday November
7th and Saturday November 8th.  Now that a venue has been found a full
programme of events is being confirmed.... but regular favorites include:
** Acoustic Session with John Lawton and Steve Dunning (Saturday Lunchtime;
this great fun session is not to be missed and has become a legendary part
of the Magician's Birthday Party weekend; surprise guests may be involved!)
** The search for the biggest Heep fan of the year, a battle of wits to
find the fan with the greatest knowledge of Heep minutiae...
** Screenings of unseen footage of Heep in concert from the Magician's
Birthday Party 2001 with Ken Hensley plus rare footage of the Sloman era
and backstage footage from the Byron years (showing Friday and Saturday)
** Rare memorabilia auction
** Heep juke box
** Q&A sessions
** The chance to meet old friends, make new ones and get roaring drunk together
** Another wild performance of Louis "Flying Dutchman" Rentrop as the Heep
Club's Master of Ceremonies!
** ...and much more!
Membership is allocated on a strictly first come first served basis and is
strictly limited to the first 150 subscribers.  As you can imagine we are
paying central London prices for the venue so this year's membership costs
20.  For that you get all of the previously mentioned, including your
admission to the club on both Friday and Saturday PLUS (!!!).... AS AN
SATURDAY NIGHT FROM 11PM TILL LATE!!  Memberships are on sale now so grab
one while you can... when they're gone, they're gone!!!
To book your place sign up here - remember it's strictly first come first
served: http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/heepclub2003.html
Priority will be given to Internet bookings so ACT FAST!!!!!  Any remaining
memberships will be sold at the door... strictly first come
first served.  Sorry for the late notice but getting avenue in Central
London is no easy job so... Be sure to join us for two days of total
Heepsteria.  Get your tickets NOW!

- Heather Findlay to duet with Wetton AND Heep!!
News travel's fast... when Uriah Heep learned that Heather was in London
rehearsing for the John Wetton show on November 7th (the first of two
concerts over the Magician's Birthday Party weekend) they immediately
invited the Mostly Autumn singer to join Heep on stage for the main event
on the Saturday night too!  Heather will therefore join Heep on stage for a
couple of numbers on Saturday November 8th bringing a real flavor of Autumn
to the proceedings.  If you are quick, you can still get tickets to catch
Heather duetting with John Wetton on Friday November 7th and Uriah Heep on
Saturday November 8th.  This great weekend of music opens at the Mean
Fiddler on Friday November 7th at 7pm with The John Lawton Band (special
guest appearance of Dave "Wacky Cap" White and his new flashy Telecaster on
"Reach Out").  Lawton and Co are followed by John Wetton featuring Heather
Findlay on stage at around 8.30pm.  On Saturday upstairs in the main
Astoria we have Dutch art rock legends Focus led by the irrepressible Thijs
van Leer on stage at around 7pm followed by Uriah Heep at 8.15 pm, again
Heather will be making a special guest appearance in the Heep set duetting
with Heep vocalist Bernie Shaw on a Heep classic.  As always, time to move
fast as it's first come first served!  Tickets for both shows are available
here: http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/mbp2003.html

- Before the MBP extravaganza... don't miss The Heep live in Greece this
coming weekend!
Nov 1 - Thessaloniki - Greece - Ydrogios
Nov 2 - Athens - Greece - Gagarin 205

- Latest World's Best Band poll update!  The Heep is now in #11 with 979
votes!  Now it is time to beat The Beatles and the 1,000 votes mark!!
Here's the link to cast your vote:
http://fredag.dagbladet.no/fredag/2003/07/25/374214.html (thanks to
Egil "Heepaholic" Bokn).


- Don't forget: next Sunday (November 2nd), the online chat with John
Lawton will happen!  The chat is scheduled to begin at 15:00 (3pm), London
time.  If you want to test the Chat tool at the John Lawton Band website,
you can visit it now  - http://www.johnlawtonband.com - and follow the link
and instructions!  "See" you there on Sunday...

- A new fan club has born: the John Lawton Band Clan!  Their website is up
and running now: http://www.johnlawtonbandclan.be/ .  Become a member and
receive their cool "clan newsletter"!  Thanks to Staf Pypen, Frieda
Guelinckx and David "Eddie" Amendolara for the info (and hard work to get
the JLB Clan running!).

- UK's "Classic Rock" magazine features on its November 2003 issue an
article reviewing the "Live In The USA" CD/DVD and the remastered "Live
1973" CD.  Take a look at it here: http://www.moreheep.com/crmnov03large.jpg

- Jeff Perkins' David Byron book, "Born To Perform", is selling very fast -
if you want a copy, don't wait... order it now:
http://www.angelfire.com/rock3/davidbyron/ ... or you might end up without

- E-heep has now two extra "sons" (or daughters! ;-): a German newsletter
and a Dutch newsletter, with Heep & related news.  If you want to subscribe
to any of them, please go to http://www.moreheep.com/uriah.htm and scroll
down until you find the blue (German) box and the orange (Dutch) box.
E-heep will remain of course as the source, in (tentatively) English language,
for Heep & related info and bad jokes!

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