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- It's coming soon........ "MAGIC NIGHT"!!!

*** The Magician's Birthday Party 2003 ***
- a DVD & CD Limited Edition set -

STARTS SHIPPING JANUARY 15th 2004 - order your copy NOW!!

URIAH HEEP - "Magic Night" (The Magician's Birthday Party 2003)
Featuring Uriah Heep and friends in concert

Can Uriah Heep keep on getting better? Well, judge for yourself. The Magician's Birthday Party is the annual gala concert held in London every year to celebrate the music of a legendary band. Every year is a guaranteed sell out eagerly awaited by Heep fans worldwide. Every year we wonder if Heep can pull it off again. Well this year the boys did us proud with an awesome performance at the Astoria which has been rated as the best ever Magician's Birthday Party! Each concert features a different take on the extensive Heep back catalogue. The stunning film of this year's party entitled MAGIC NIGHT is now complete. Captured live before the capacity audience at the Astoria Theatre, London on November 8th 2003. The DVD/CD set features a glittering array of hits and special guest appearances by former Heep vocalist John Lawton and Heather Findlay of Mostly Autumn. Here is the definitive proof that in the 21st Century Heep keep on rocking stronger than ever.

It's being made available as a DVD/CD set in a limited edition deluxe package complete with 24-page booklet featuring previously unseen images! You won't have to wait too long as either subscriber copies will be mailed out on January 15th - a full two months before the official release date - so order your copy here: http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/uriahheep/mbp2003.html

Cry Freedom
Shadows of Grief
Bad Bad Man
Devil's Daughter
Wise Man
The Other Side of Midnight
Heartless Land
Free Me
The Wizard
Been Away too Long
Too Scared to Run
Love in Silence
Easy Livin'
July Morning
Lady in Black

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If you haven't yet, you can send your reviews and pics to Louis at louis@uriah-heep.com .

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http://www.saunalahti.fi/~htapiom/dptour.htm (thanks to Tapio "Tapster, bring me another ale" Minkkinen)

TV Broadcasts here: http://media.almamedia.fi/id/34455.rm?bitratemax=150 and here: http://media.almamedia.fi/id/34649.rm?bitratemax=150 . Thanks to our good friend Tomi Lindblom (MTV3 News, Finland). These were broadcast to over 1.6 million viewers!

- And the madness has not yet finished... the Uriah Heep & Blue Öyster Cult tour in Germany is about to start next Wednesday (Dec 3rd), check out the live dates here:


Tickets for Germany are available through manoTICKETSERVICE: http://www.manoticket.de ; phone: +49 (0) 7251-981672.

- And... last but not least... February 2004 it will be time for The Netherlands:


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