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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
December 17 - Konzerthaus, Ravensburg, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 18 - Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland (electric gig)
January 21 - TBA, Greece
January 22 - TBA, Greece
February 18th - March 8 2005 - Russia Tour
All details, links, etc.:
German Tour info: http://www.kb-k.com/HTML/Tourdaten%20Uriah%20Heep.htm

- The German tour is still happening, but already a huge success!  Mick Box reports himself: "The shows have been brilliant.  The churches in Berlin and Leipzig were great and great to play in.  Brilliant atmosphere.  Also last night in Munich was sold out and a really good show.  The acoustic version of 'Free Me' has been very strong indeed".  There are still a couple of chances to attend a Heep concert this year, so hurry up!  Here's the setlist of the acoustic concerts:
1. Why Did You Go
2. The Easy Road
3. Heartless Land
4. Question
5. Tales
6. Come Away Melinda
7. If I Had The Time
8. A Year Or A Day
9. Love In Silence
10. Free Me
11. That's The Way That It Is
12. When The War Is Over
13. Sunrise
14. Circus
15. Blind Eye
16. Traveller In Time
17. More Fool You
18. Lady In Black
19. Rain
20. The Wizard / Paradise / Circle Of Hands

- A report (with pics) on the Heep gig in Flensburg, Germany, can be found here:
http://www.autobild.de/aktuell/reportagen/artikel.php?artikel_id=7620&artikel_seite=0 .  This report was published on the famous German car magazine called "Autobild".  Thanks to Renate Fischer and Karl-Heinz Baier for the info.

- To watch the video of Heep playing "Lady In Black" live on German TV as part of the "50 Jahre Rock" program, follow this link:
http://www.travellersintime.com/ , and click on the link provided there (thanks to Ron Mann).

- A photo of Heep live on stage in B?de, Germany together with the happy German couple who were invited to join the tour, can be seen here:
http://uriah-heep.com/newa/50jahreshow.jpg .  Who have watched the video on German TV as part of the "50 Jahre Rock" special will understand what this is all about... Also, an interesting report and pics from B?de by a German newspaper called "Neue Westf?ische" can be seen here: http://www.nw-news.de/nw/lokale_news/buende/buende/?cnt=314013 , as well as some pics: http://foto.nw-news.de/info/fotostrecke2/19530/index.html (thanks to Renate Fischer of SOT for the pic and the links).

- Pictures from the Manchester (UK) gig:
http://uriah-heep.com/newa/manchester2004.php .

- Uriah Heep playing on Brazilian radio: "Sweet Lorraine" is now being played on Brasil 2000 FM radio station, in the city of S? Paulo, Brazil.  Also Kiss FM (in the same city) sometimes plays some Heep songs.  So, if you live in the area, call them and ask for more!  Thanks to Antonio Pirani of Rock Brigade magazine for the info.


- An interesting interview with Bob Daisley and Jimmy Barnes of Lee Kerslake's side project Living Loud, for the Australian TV and about their future plans, can be seen here:
http://www.undercover.com.au/idol/livingloud2004.html (thanks to Mac Steagall for the hint).

- The "Classic Rock" website has a neat review on Ken Hensley's "Running Blind" album:
http://classicrock.miningco.com/library/reviews/blkenhensley.htm .

- And yet another cover version of Heep's classic "July Morning" can be found here (this time performed by the Italian band Kimera):
http://www.kimeraband.net/kimeramp3.html (thanks to Harrie Hendriksen for the tip).

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