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We would like to thank you for all your support for the band and webteam during this year. 2003 certainly was an interesting one with the band touring heavily, the "Magician's Birthday Party" blowout, certain side activities, and so on. 2004 promises to be as interesting as well, if not more! And hopefully not as good as 2005, and so on... To commemorate the new year and 8 years of Uriah Heep on the Internet, we have a brand new look for Heep.com!
Wishing you and yours a very Heepy, Happy, healthy and prosperous 2004,
Dave, Louis & Rod

- Uriah Heep's Dutch Tour 2004 fan meetings update!
1) The "Heep In" in Boerderij on February 6th 2004 - For this meeting we could only handle 100 fans. It was fully packed in 24 hours! Details here: http://www.moreheep.com/heepin2004/heepin.htm
2) The "Heep In" in Hardenberg on February 7th 2004 - For this one we still have tickets available at 3 Euros each. Over 100 fans have subscribed already! This is a pre-show party only. All details at: http://www.moreheep.com/heepin2004/heepinhardenberg.htm
3) The "Heep In" in Weert on February 8th 2004 - In Weert we have a free pre-show party in a café/pub just a few minutes away from the venue. Owner and Heep fan Dave will welcome us from 16.00 on. After the concert itself we have a free after-show party an the balcony of the venue. Note that after the show the balcony will be "cleaned" up before the after-show party fans can go up. You'll need to subscribe, as the number of fans is limited to 150! All details at: http://www.moreheep.com/heepin2004/heepinweert.htm
At the heep in's we have: the Heep-raffle, the Heep-karaoke, the legendary Heep'n'Beer gathering, Heep'n'chat, merchandise for sale, and rare Heep footage screenings. Schedule allowing, the band might be present at these "meet and greet" events, at all parties. During the Dutch tour we will sell tickets at all parties for an original Deep Purple & Uriah Heep tour jacket raffle. Tickets are available at 2 Euros per ticket. The winner will be known at the balcony party of the Weert gig.

- The "Arrow Rock Radio" is this week broadcasting their "Rock Top 500". Included are "Lady in Black" (#358), "Look at Yourself" (#179), "Return to Fantasy" (#169), "Gypsy" (#140), "July Morning" (#56), "Easy Livin'" (#37). Results here: http://www.arrow.nl/specials/rock500_2003/dag4.html and http://www.arrow.nl/specials/rock500_2003/dag5.html . Not bad at all!!

- Heep fans on television! On December 31st, yes the last Heepy day of the year, Dutch television will broadcast the Top 2000 on television. Evert Achterberg and Louis Rentrop were present at the recording of the TV show, of course wearing their black Heep t-shirt with yellow letters. As a girl on their table was crowned to celebrate Queen's #1 position with "Bohemian Rhapsody", they believe there's a very good chance that they will be prominently seen on TV! So watch to Dutch national television "Nederland 3" from 7 to 8. Heep's "Easy Livin'" ended at #138, which is the best position since this Top 2000 started 5 years ago! Thanks to all the Dutch and international fans who voted for our band: http://top2000.omroep.nl/cgi/2002/top2000/?page=home

- "Classic Heep" double DVD is still available... grab your copy whilst there are some left!!! Only 3,000 copies were made, and this DVD won't be sold in regular stores. To order it: http://www.classicrockproductions.com/storen/uriahheep/clheep.html .

- Vote for Heep!! Once again we need your votes to push Uriah Heep's name in a number of polls from several parts of the world. Please take a minute or two and vote for Heep! It won't be a big effort, but it always help the "Heepy cause".
1) Sweden Rock Festival's site (http://www.swedenrock.com) is promoting a poll, and you can vote there for Heep: http://www.swedenrock.com/main.cfm?sidoID=212 . You only need to check the box beside Heep's name and click on the "Skicka röst" button.
2) There's also the "Classic Rock" Magazine's Readers' Poll going on, and your votes can be sent till January 4th 2004. Please see the details here: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/vfhrs.php .
3) The "World's Best Band" poll is still going strong. The Heep is still in the #10 position with 1,357 votes, and we still need 10 votes to beat Pink Floyd! With less than 200 more, we reach Status Quo! So please visit the following link and vote for Heep (it won't take 10 seconds of your time! ): http://fredag.dagbladet.no/fredag/2003/07/25/374214.html . You'll only need to write Uriah Heep on the box beside the "Dette er verdens beste band" phrase, and click on the "Send inn" button.

- One of Brazil's most popular hard rock/heavy metal magazines, "Roadie Crew", has published a huge 2-part article on Uriah Heep's history. The first part (5 pages long!), covering the time frame going from 1970 to 1986, was published on their November 2003 issue (#58), and it can be seen here: http://www.roadiecrew.com.br/edicaocont.asp?edicao=58&cod=1107&language=eng . The second part (4 pages long!), covering the 1986-2003 period, was published on their December 2003 issue (# 59), and it can be seen here: http://www.roadiecrew.com.br/edicaocont.asp?edicao=59&cod=1165&language=eng . This big article was written by the Brazilian classic rock connoisseur Vitão Bonesso.

- A review on Heep's gig in Munich, Germany, can be read at Firegoat Metal Webzine: http://www.firegoat.com/eng/?id=8&d=39 (thanks to Ales Podbreznik).


- Ken Hensley played at the Greg Ridley Memorial Concert recently at a warehouse in Gata de Gorgos, Spain. Ridley, and ex-member of Spooky Tooth, Humble Pie, Strange Brew, etc., passed away on November 19th, and this concert was organized in order to raise funds for his widow, featuring many musicians including Ken, Clem Clempson, Geoff Britton (both part of David Byron's Rough Diamond), and many others. It was a well organized event (set up by a local Harley club called ¨Los Cruzados¨), and you can see some photos at http://www.ken-hensley.com ("News" section).

- A special message from Trevor Hensley: "2003 in some ways has been an incredibly difficult year for Stella and me but the love and affection that so many of our Heepster friends gave us has helped us get through. We would like to thank every one of you for your support and encouragement and we look forward to seeing you all somewhere on the road in 2004. Have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year... take care, Trevor & Stella".

- The "Travellers In Time" website has a brand new look too... check it out: http://www.travellersintime.com/ .

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