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Why ?   We need a real GREAT bandpicture for  promotion of URIAH HEEP.

Here are the rules to join the competition

1.You send us ONE photo only...right? YOUR BEST ONE!

2. Your photo involves all bandmembers of the current line up.

3. Your photo is available in 300 DPI when we ask for it. ( PRINT QUALITY )

4. Your photo becomes the bands property.

5.The photographer will be credited everytime the photo is used.

6. The period of time to send us your photo ends September 15th 2005


Do you agree with these rules ? Great! Send us your photo in 80-120 KB max. to

heepshot@uriah-heep.com   mention "Heep shot"

After September 15th a selection of the photos you sent us will be exposed on this page. The band will make a choice of the one they like best. We will also ask the Heepsters to make their choice.

So.....show us what you got!


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