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2018 North American Tour Announced
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HRH Prog VI 2017 ReviewPosted on Wed 22nd November 2017
Another feast of splendid Prog from those good people at HRH


Bernie Shaw appears on the new EXCALIBUR IV
The Dark Age of the Dragon album! OUT NOW!

Bernie singing The Dreamers at the end of this trailer.

The album is out now on CD and Download:

Amazon CD:


Official Excalibur Facebook page:

Bernie Shaw appears on the new EXCALIBUR IV The Dark Age of the Dragon album! OUT NOW! Nearly 5 years after the last Excalibur album, Alan Simon’s rock opera returns to stores with a new full length studio album, The Dark Age of the Dragon. The album features Bernie Shaw singing lead vocals on the song “Dreamers”. Bernie Shaw said of the album "To be asked to participate on Excalibur 4 was a surprise as well as great fun. Meeting Alan was a pleasure as we found we had quite a lot in common even outside the music. It was only Uriah Heep's busy touring and recording schedule that kept me from being more of a part of the actual part of the musical. But now we both know each other’s contacts, l’m sure that there could be some more collaborations in the future." The album is out now on CD and Download:

FROM TOTALLY DRIVEN on Band’s Own Uriah Heep Records!

London, UK 9/25/2017

  Uriah Heep is pleased to announce the release of a 2CD/1DVD package of their 20th Anniversary show in 1989, which has only been available on VHS previously. This remastered release is now available on Download and as 2 CDs and 1 DVD in all new packaging

  This concert is likely to be the only gap in many committed fans’ collections and gives their core fanbase the opportunity to complete the entire Heep discography. This release is the culmination of a long process to make sure all of the Uriah Heep back catalogue is available in modern day formats and digitally.
The set also includes a bonus audio interview, recorded on the same day as the concert, which was previously only available on picture disc LP and CD for a very limited amount of time.

  Of this release, Mick Box said “This is a great meeting of two products, which were always closely linked together, and are now merged into one definitive set. This is the second release on Uriah Heep Records and a great reminder of our 30th Anniversary celebrations!
The band has also heard fans’ voices and released the first vinyl title on its own label, a picture disc LP called Selections from Totally Driven, which features the stunning artwork of Igor Morski.

  The LP draws on tracks from the band’s own label’s first release, Totally Driven, which was a 2 CD collection of re-records of their greatest hits and continues to be available.

  Both of these projects are available on Amazon, iTunes and by all good retailers on the band’s own Uriah Heep Records, via Cherry Red.

Raging through the Silence 2CD/1DVD
Amazon 2CD/1DVD:

Totally Driven
Amazon Picture Disc LP:
Amazon 2CD:
Official website:


Uriah Heep Live - January 1973 - 2LP 180g "Splatter" Vinyl

Uriah Heep Live - January 1973 - 2LP 180g
"Splatter" Vinyl + AccessPass


News from the brand-new Uriah Heep CD and Vinyl releases



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