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Louis Rentrop

Louis lives in Bergen op Zoom, Holland, and besides having worked at www.uriah-heep.com he also administered  the Uriah Heep Holland website.

Louis joined the team back in June 1998, and added a lot of enthusiasm and colors to the site!

"Uriah Heep came into my life back in 1973, and never left.

We are lucky to be able to see Heep on many occasions here, so I have wonderful memories of Heep with David Byron, Lawton,  Sloman, Goalby and the current line up. Promoting the band by the website is a perfect way to support Heep. Watching the band play at huge dutch festivals like Arrow Rock and Bospop are the highlights for me as a fan.

The Internet brings us Heepsters together, while, before, we were spread over the world. The future brings us more new albums, Heepventions, gigs and friends, I'm sure.


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