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Thanks to Peter Weber for the "Behind the scenes" look  at Uriah Heep On Stage !
Bayreuth Germany       May 12th 2007
Richard Wagner says:

Mick is a true wizard. He can make Weizen beers fly!

    The Photos below
are by
Tapio Minkkinen
  The Photos below
are by Peter Weber
The Photos below
are by
Tapio Minkkinen
    Trev de Builder    
backstagepass ?     First Heep gig ever in a brewery?    
Leaving Helsinki, Finland, for Germany     Tapio Minkkinen and Rich Wagner at a Greek restaurant in Nuremberg, getting ready for action
Some housework before departing for the festival... poor lawnmower!     ALready at the festival, with Russell having the necessary Weizenbier and Trevor trying something stronger
Tapio on his "tour manager" pose  ;-)     Outdoors in the festival's premises    
More beer!   And even more!
Backstage The VIP pass


Even the bears like beers
    The show!!!





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