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The 1st 500 copies sold will be personally autographed and numbered by Phil Lanzon

an ORIGINAL Drawing from Phil's Tour

The Visible Music Publishing Company. P.O.Box 293. Broadstairs.
Kent. CT10 3WT. England.

Cheques and money orders payable to; Phil lanzon

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Phil Lanzon has taken a break from a novel he's been  working on since Feb 1999 to write a collection of short stories.

Under the title, 'Strange & Wondermus Stories' he has produced 13 tales of fantasy fiction written in various hotels buses and planes whilst touring the world over. 

The collection will be available from mid March 2005.

"I just had an idea, says Phil, that this kind of collection might bring out another element surrounding Uriah Heep An area, so far, unchartered. Who knows!

The Heep Literary Group. Scribblin' Heepsters. Rhymin' Heeps (a poetry group)...?!'
Says Phil,

" This is a 44 page A5 sized short story book. It's my first collection of stories, I'm actually working on my second one.

The added bonus is my original full colour illustrations of which there are seven. One of these illustrations is on the striking cover which has a mat laminate finish and gives it that smooth feel, very touchable-makes you wanna pick it up.

The centre-fold has four pictures which pertain to four of the stories."


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