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By Louis Rentrop

This, as a Heep fan, is the album I was waiting for. It’s  very ‘eavy  at times, unbelievable fast, and serious very serious Heep,  well… it’s a blast !!  Really! Every instrument and voice sounds so full and present. Bernies vocals are mature, deep and with a great feel. Never heard him better. The vocal harmonies make me feel like coming home and still these innovating arrangements are mind blowing. Mick must have had a very good time in the Chapel studios. My god what solos and riffs he is releasing here. The man is so fast…and so good! Phil is playing the Hammond like he never did  before. Such a bright and fat sound. Wow ! Trevor also sounds like he has his finest moments too, although he seems to fade a bit in the wall of sound sometimes. The difference here is Russell. His speed power drumming makes me totally crazy! I’m sure the rest of the band must be inspired by his attitude. Such a nice bloke off stage but what an animal behind the kit.  The CD starts off with Wake the sleeper. Are we awake after that one? Yes we are ! Heep never ever did such a fast and heavy song. Many speed-doom-metal bands will wish they can do it this way. The album has a variety  from up tempo rockers to storytelling epic songs. What kind of God is such a song. Bernie takes us into the drama he is telling us about. A brilliant classic, if you ask me. The songs are different, but all of the tracks carry the  Heepmarks they need. No weak spots. The album is so well produced by Mike Paxman. Have I ever heard such a good sounding Heep album? I guess not.

WTS is much closer to Sea of Light than to Sonic Origami. Wake the Sleeper sounds like the band sounds on stage.  It reveals the bands enormous potential and it’s capacity with huge creativity.  It’s totally Heep, it’s totally Heep in 2008. No need for ‘umbleness. No way!


My favourites: What kind of God , Shadow , Angels walk with you.

Louis Rentrop


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