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Uriah Heep Wake The Sleeper 2008

By Phil Ramer Lausanne, Switzerland, 31.5.2008,

WTS already on the shelves. The song are kind of sophisticated : after one week non stop listening, there is absolutely no boring. While for instance Sonic Origami included songs that should have gone to the charts (Across the Miles) and failed in doing so, there is no hit parade song in WTS. Sonic was a very good album anyway.

But 10 years after, we all need some renewal. In order to do so, just reach for WTS : solid rock, no compromise, Heep have the foundations for the next few years touring. All the song will perform well on stage. They have also the power to attract new fans which like classic rock.

About the Players : Mick is absolutely outstanding, as Russell is. Russel is excellence in renewal : with his strong and speed yet 'umble drumming, he introduces many changes in rhythm, which make the songs sound better and creates constantly elements of surprise.

And the other Players ? They all are at their best form, perfect as ever. Phil has moved to Hammond, which is another quality sign and creates much deeper sound effects, while in the past he sometimes used to play children quality organ. WTS does not include any catchy song. All tracks are good and strong.

The sound of "What kind of God" is absolutely perfect : each Player contributes and can be heard at his best. I would like to end this report with a thought for my friend Martin Kramer, who passed away on 21th of November 2005 and was Webmaster of Uriah-Heep-Romandie.com, the Swiss French language Website for Heep.

I am sure that from between two Worlds Martin is proud of WTS and Uriah Heep.

So please keep on rockin' and see you on the road (2 shows in Switzerland Festivals Summer 2008). Phil Ramer, 6.6.2008        






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