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"Wake the sleeper is like an Ice Cold Carlsberg - Worth Waiting Fore! That┤s my opinion, right on the spot!
Most of you have already said what I agree too, this is among the best Heep albums ever. Not only for diehards, even lovers of good rock music it self will, or at least should ,Ęfind their way to this album.
But, I must just give you some opinon of mine regarding the songs, Book of Lies - Airplay now! Wake the Sleeper - what away to open a show! The rest? It rules!
I┤m would love to hear the entire album on stage in London 23rd of November, MICK, DO YOU READ THIS?
So get a copy, buy a ticket and make sure that Astoria is SOLD OUT!
See you in London and of course WELL DONE LADS.
Mikae÷ S÷derblom





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