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4.0 out of 5 stars Welcome Back Uriah Heep!!!, June 10, 2008
By  K. Spahr (Enon, OH - a short hop from DAYTON!!) - See all my reviews
This new disc, Wake The Sleeper, comes roaring right out of the box with the title track....a Mick Box slasher guitar, up in your face, full bore. This track also serves to show off new drummer Russell Gilbrook's chops. After that opener, I have nothing but high and higher hopes for this new set of tunes. The songs all seem have a sense of urgency to them that is refreshing for a band thats been on stages for so long. Despite the turnover of members over the year, they've stayed pretty faithful to their sound (for the most part) and this disc is a nice throwback to the old harmonies and rythyms. Bernie Shaw does a great job of blending in with the band's vocal sound and all the guys seem dedicated to putting out a quality record....unlike the new Asia disc which just goes thru the motions with the same tired old production style (sorry, off-topic slam). It seems like Mick Box is determined to prove that "old age" is just a state of mind and as long as his Gibson has strings, he'll keep rocking it.

If I've got a complaint, its not a huge one....the lyrics seem a bit cliched in spots (ie. Light of a Thousand Stars). There is also a bit of dropoff in intensity after the first three songs or so but again, a minor complaint when I'm just thrilled to be listening to NEW Uriah Heep music!!!

Overall, a fun listen and a nice change of pace from the tired radio formats...


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