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Wake The Sleeper - what is NOT to like with this Heep-album? It's difficult to find a singel thing to point at. No weak tracks, no fillers. And that's strong; 11 tracks, easily twice as many as the albums back in the days of vinyl!
It's all here on this album; all the Heep trade marks, done with a great approach to these days of a new century. Great lyrics, with meaningful comments to our society of today. Russel Gilbrook adds a new power to the band, he replaces Lee Kerslake in the best way imaginable. Bernie Shaw sings better than ever before, and gets to use his voice in new ways on Angels Walk With You and War Child; two of the best tracks! The rest of the guys really seem to enjoy making new music, they're all doing better than ever!
Heep seldom got along with journalists/criticians, unfortunately. To be a band so often slaughtered by the critics, it's a pure miracle they have sold 30 millions and counting. Even though I'm a die hard fan, I would have commented it if I found something bad about this album But I dont, honestly.
Was it worth the wait? Oh yes! The album after Sonic wouldn't have sounded like this in let's say 2000 or 2001. A follower in 2004 or 2005 wouldn't have sounded like this either. The change of drummer, and the years having passed has influenced very much on the music on WTS, in a good way! But dont let us wait another ten years! :-)-
Hallgeir, Heep-fan since 1976, Norway.


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