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By Paul Rickard
Well here we go , the first thing I must say, is that on the Monday morning, wts arrived, the new journey cd arrived as well, I have not unwrapped the journey cd. that is how good wts is, I cannot play anything else , believe me I have tried, even the new judas priest cd sounds tame ,
I am not going to run through track after track but my highlights are,”” wake the sleeper””, track one ,”” overload”” track two, and favourites for me, are,”” tears of the world””, and “”ghost of the ocean””, two thumping good rock tracks that I cannot wait to hear in November ,
There are elements in wts that span over heeps thirty odd years , that’s why I like wts so much, there is something for everyone ,
No surprise, I have ordered everything off the merchandise list, and the limited edition print looks a must for any serious heep fans ….
God bless you all .
I dedicate my review to my late mother peggy (grandma peg) who passed away peacefully in march , she, for years put up with me listening to heep at full blast at every opportunity .
I know very few 79 year olds that knew the words to”” gypsy”” off by heart !!
Miss ya xxxx


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