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At last, The waiting was over!
The new Uriah Heep album had arrived from Amazon to my Little town in the middle of Sweden, and now almost a week later and a lot of listening to the W.T.S album, I just say WOW.
This album is one of the best Heep albums ever, I had listen to this band since a friend of mine, had the magicians birthday album, when he was visiting me back in 1974. After that I had to get everything by the Heep, and that still goes on.
The new album is so good, the best songs are: Overload, Tears In The World, Book Of Lies, What kind of god (Maybe the best heep song ever), Ghost of the ocean and Shadow. But the rest of the album are alson in very good quality, so I hope that I get the opportuninty to see the band very soon, I have seen the 6 times, last time was i Västerås on the latest Accoustic tour.
So keep on Heeping, and you can't keep a good band down.



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