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Well, what I have been waiting to see and hear for ten years finally arrived in my mailbox today. Now after four plays, I will say this, WTS from the opening chord grabs you by the b*lls, squeezes them tight and doesn't let go until the last note ends.
Everyone kicks bloody ass on this album from start to finish.
Bernie's vocals really stand out on this album, reaching the stratosphere. Bernie, your vocals have always been powerful and emotive with each album and you have always done the classic Heep songs true justice, but this, you have outdone yourself. I'm proud to see a fellow Canadian fronting my favourite band and showing the world how a true rocker does it.
You would think after playing for over 40 years that Mick wouldn't have any new tricks left up his sleeve, but he just taught the 20 something year olds who think they can play how a true axe master does it. Way to go Mick....
Phil has always been an outstanding keyboard player since joining Heep, but his Hammond playing shines through on this and really fills in superbly with Mick's guitar licks. Of course the songwriting between Mick and Phil is very strong on this album.
Trevor, your bass playing on the album is awesome as always and and the two tracks you wrote "Angels Walk With You" and "War Child" really showcase what a great songwriter you are.
Russell, who would have ever thought that someone could come in and be able to take over where Lee left off. Well mate, you sure filled the drum stool with power, style and substance. I like to think you are a younger Lee but with your own style of drumming. Your contribution to Wake The Sleeper cannot be under estimated, you bring it all together along with Trevor's beautiful bass lines.
Guys, in the ears and eyes of this life long fan you have delivered a true masterpiece from beginning to end.
This should wake up some of the Sleeping Fans throughout the world who forgot just how great Heep are......
Bravo......can't wait for the vinyl version to arrive.....
Glen Doucet
Fredericton, NB


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