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By now I've been the (more and more) happy owner of Heep's new CD for
10 days, and believe I can give a somewhat balanced review of WTS.

First time listening to WTS in my headphones sitting in the living
room, my 17 year old daughter's comment : "Well I can tell dad's a happy
guy right now - look at the childish grin on his face!!" And right she
was. I was completely blown away from start to end of WTS.

Being a Heep fan since 1975, I must admit that I haven't always been
convinced that "the latest Heep album is their best ever!" There
certainly has been ups and downs - and 10 years without new studio recordings
- would they be able to deliver the goods?

After numerous times listening to WTS, the answer is a loud YEZZZ SIR,

The title track and opener of the album may be the the heaviest and
fastest song Heep have ever made, and that a fantastic wake up call!! I
consider it one of the best album openers Heep has ever delivered (and
we're talking serious competitors!!)

"Overload" continues in the same fashion, with fantastic performances
from the guys and a great, raw, live feeling to it. This is the case
with the whole record - each new track proves the guys must have been
really ready to show us they can deliver and keep the fans happy.

WTS real strength is the overall high quality of every track on the CD.
There are NO weak compositions here, the lyrics are great, and Mike
Paxman has really participated in making this the heaviest and most
relentless Heep album in MANY years!

Standout tracks: "Wake the Sleeper", "Overload", "Heaven's Rain", "What
Kind of God" and "War Child". Tomorrow I may have changed my mind, it
is all like a big box of favourite candy!!

Mick may, in my opinion, not have performed better ever in the
recording studios. The guitar solos on this album are just amazing and reminds
me why I once became a Heep fan! Phil likewise - his treatment of the
B3 is modern day rock classic. Bernie has not been singing this good (at
least on a Heep album) ever before. His voice is perfect for Uriah
Heep as he always proves in his live performances.

Russell. What can I say? I believe that he plays a major role
revitalising Heep, and proves to be a perfect replacement of Lee. His power
drumming and great technique really makes a Heep fan flip out!!

So - is THIS the best Heep album ever!? I'm don't think so. Heep also
has "Demons & Wizards", "The Magician's Birthday" and "Sweet Freedom"
in their catalogue, and as a Heep fan for 33 years and counting, I
can't say that "Wake the Sleeper" is a better album than those. But I
sincerely do believe that it possibly equals these albums, and in my
opinion Heep has not made a better album since 1973!

OFFERING! I don't think you can do better than this - but I would love to
be proven wrong! ;)

Will we see you in Northern Norway again soon?

Børge, Norway


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