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Bought the album today in a shop here and listened to it severals times and here is my review .

WTS is surely the best Heep Album for a long long time. Best of the Shaw Aera and maybe since the mid seventies.

No bad song on it but many many highlights:
The double bass drummed titel track introduces very clearly that there is a new drummer and with the exception of heep typical chorus voices the song is an instrumental.
More highlights are: Overload, Book of lies, Ghost of the ocean and War child.

The centre point and hymn of the album is track No. 7 What kind of god !!!!!!!
To be true: The hole album is a collection of new Heep Highlights!
The waiting was worth ist all over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stunning artwork and a fat 20 pages booklet with all the words, many photos and all important information around the album.

Very good work from Uriah Heep and also from the record company!

Best regards,



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