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I must say that having been a die hard Heep fan for nearly 32 years, this was a big day! Not only a new Heep album, but the best since Firefly…I must admit that I am very into the 70-76 period, the glory days of Uriah Heep. Over the years it is fair to say that not every Heep album has got the sound or melodies that made them huge in the early seventies. I have seen them 6 times and they are always solid and good live. They never let you down. To me David Byron was the greatest voice on earth and Gary Thain was one of the greatest bass players in rock….No one can replace them!! But having said that, WTS is a new start and they have made a brilliant album with all the things that made Heep great in the early seventies. The organ and the brilliant drumming are outstanding. Russell have given them new energy. WTS was a BIG surprise and it is good to hear the Heep sound again and not the AOR stuff…..

Heep forever

All the best

Stig Johansen

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