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Heep certainly hits the mother lode with their new offering. There are all strong and stronger tracks on this cd and it gets my “All Heep is Good Heep” seal of approval. Outstanding, start to finish, the cd is chock full of rockers with the recipe that the current lineup has perfected, also featuring some of the bands sound from the very early 70’s sprinkled with some delightful surprises. My words here alone are not strong enough to convey my enthusiasm for this new studio cd by our beloved Uriah Heep. I can sum it up by saying it sounds like a sunrise on a brand new day and no one can say Heep is a “shadow” of their former selves as this cd propels them into the upper stratosphere of eliteness!

The opening/title is a speed rocker, focusing on harmonies. It is the first song I have memorized the catchy Lyrics completely, albeit what there is of them! Heep really jams on this piece, showcasing the instrumental talents of all 4 players. The ending of the song has a lightning fast drum/guitar interplay that is in total synchronization.

Overload is an instant classic! It has all the Heep elements, starts out with a hot guitar riff than the drums come in like a charging bull. I thought the band would suffer without Lee; instead Russell has energized the band. This is the first of many songs on the cd where Phil prominently plays the B3 with passion throughout. The tight bass lines rumble with a sweet low powerful tone like dual glass pack mufflers on a 70’s muscle car! Mick’s guitar drives the song and Heep produces a thunderous sound!

Tears of the World
This song really kicks off the debut of the new Heep harmony sound. It is an up-tempo rocker and Mick has a couple of great guitar solos. This song epitomizes the sound the band has created with the current lineup. The fast moving anthem is catchy and addicting! It ends nicely with the B3.

Light of a 1000 Stars
This is an up-tempo Heep rocker anthem with strong lyrics and a great hook. Has a really nice guitar solo about 2:30 into the song.

Heaven’s Rain is one of my favorites on this cd, a power ballad that moves along with a tremendous bass line. Bernie’s vocal soars on this one and shows the beauty of his voice. Mick nails it at 2:20 with a beautiful guitar solo with his patented sound that always thrills me. At the end, the song slows down and has one of the most beautiful heep vocals as it softly fades out with Bernie’s voice and Phil on the B3

Book of Lies starts out with a powerful guitar riff reminiscent of Sweet Sugar. Another powerful up-tempo heep anthem rocker full of pomp and circumstance. I always feel good when I hear these songs. Awesome guitar work between Mick and Trevor the song drives along and has soaring vocals, great lyrics. I could see this song being a power single with its emotional appeal.

What Kind of God
I love the opening with soft organ and military style drumming! A power ballad with great lyrics. It is the Classic Heep soft/heavy sound and it really cooks! The last minute and a half of the song is one of Heep’s greatest instrumental moments. I cannot get enough of this ending.

Ghost of the Ocean
The song opens similar to Everything in Life breaking into an up-tempo rocker with an outstanding vocal hook. The guitar work is fast and then at times slows, much like early Heep. I especially enjoy the few moments of backing vocals that sound like a heep choir chant, “huh, huh.” The ending of the song is a classic Heep ending. Another winner!

Angels Walk With You
Starts out with a soft guitar and Bernie with a slow bluesy vocal, punctuated by some soft drumming and cymbals, then turns hard and heavy. One of the extended guitar riffs reminds me of the early Heep song Time to Live off Salisbury. Trevor’s bass playing is outstanding, as on all of the songs, but this song he seems to really stand out. A powerful heavy blues rock number that is destined to be a classic Heep song for years to come and is one of my top favorites on the cd.

This song could have been on the Salisbury Lp, with the powerful slow heavy approach very much like early Uriah Heep. A haunting vocal with a nice hook with sizzling guitar. One of the most powerful songs on the cd

War Child

This is what I hoped a new Uriah Heep song would sound like. The vocal effects are different on this song and most welcome. Great sound effects and an awesome Heep choir. This would make a great live sing along song; I hope it gets added to the set. I rate this greatest song on the cd as it stands on its own with a unique sound, powerful playing and haunting vocals.

Bob Winward

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