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Alright now! This has been a long time coming. What an awesome CD! I am blown away by the sound, the harmonies, the tightness, the crisp production, etc. I suppose I could go on for quite some time. Uriah Heep has always been able to show their mastery and versatility of musical styles and they do it again. The range of songs links to the past so well! Lyrics shine through with messages that keep you thinking. I have been watching and listening to the 3 videos on Youtube; Overload, Shadow, and Tears of the World. I thought I would be prepared for what I am hearing now. These three songs along with the other eight just have to be heard first hand to understand how very good this CD is. I keep getting memories of some of the older songs and thinking how one song would go well with the 'Innocent Victim' album or with 'Equator', 'Look at Yourself', 'Demons and Wizards', or 'Raging Silence'. I agree with most of what I have seen here in these reviews and the best way for anyone to experience these songs is to get the CD or vinyl. The best highlight to me is the end of 'What Kind of God'; that bridge instrumental is classic Heep and it gets you ready for the start of 'Ghost of the Ocean'. I also really like Trevor's 'Angels Walk With You'. A real cruisin' song! So, needless to say, the whole album kicks. I can't wait for the U. S. tour 2009! 

Harry G. Bendtsen III
Albuquerque, NM

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