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Finally, after ten long years, a new Uriah Heep album.  “Wake The Sleeper” is a good album, but far from the best Heep has made.  I have listened to it over twenty times now, and there are many good songs on it.  Beeing a fan for over 30 years, I remember the glory days of the 70’s, and it’s really admirable that Heep has kept it going for such a long time.  This is of course due to the great effort by Mick Box, thanks mate.  The most important thing missing from this album is the acoustic guitar!  The previous two albums saw great ballads with acoustic guitars, such as “Mistress of all time”, “Dream on”, “Heartless land” and “The golden palace”.  Why haven’t you included songs like those on this album?  Ballads are also a part of Heep, just look at some of their greatest hits over the years, “The wizard” and “Rain”.  Please include some on your next record…  Anyway, “Book of lies” and “Angels walk with you” are my favourites on a long awaited Heep album.  Keep up the good work lads, and please come to Norway soon to play your new songs!


Helge Christensen



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