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I have been a Uriah Heep fan since I heard ”The Wizard” on the radio back in 1972. I was 16 years then and I UH has been one of my favorite bands since and I have all records both in Vinyl and CD. But I was totally surprised when I heard WTS. What a excellent album. Eleven very good songs with fantastic arrangements with old Heep feeling but in a modern way so to speak.  I must say that it was a long time ago I heard all the band members in such a shape. Top notch singing by Bernie, a lot of god wah-wah guitar from Mick, very nice organ by Phil, like always Trevor brings the best from his bass and a lot of new energy is added by the new fine drummer Russel. The production is also crisp and clear.


But what makes the album so excellent is the songwriting. It is a very cohesive album with no weak moments and it grows with every spin in the CD-player. I have listened to it in my car every day since the release.  So I wish you a great success with this album and I hope we don’t have to wait another ten years for the next one.


Best Regards


Jan Blomqvist, Sweden


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