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Intense energy, is how I would describe the long awaited CD, "Wake the Sleeper".  I could not wait any longer for the US release so I ordered from Amazon.UK.  Lee Kerslake has never gotten his just due from the American press as a drummer.  Did not think Russel Gilbrook would fit in with the rest of the band.  Boy was I wrong!  From the opening song you can feel the increased energy that he brings to the music.  I think Mick Box is truly a "Traveler in Time", as several of the songs remind me of his guitar playing on "Demons & Wizards" as well as "Magician's Birthday".  Phil's keyboard playing also brings back memories of the 1970's but with a 21st century flair.  Trevor keeps things together for all of them with his outstanding bass playing.  Bernie showed various vocal styles that made each song special.  Overall, the harmonies were great, the music was excellent and Heep has returned to the top.
Patrick Nunan
West Chester, Ohio

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