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If any album is worth waiting 10 years for then this is it. From beginning to end it is a catalogue of Heep masterpieces, a number of which will soon rank alongside the Heep classics of old.

There is nothing that I could really add to the many complimentary comments that have been said already about WTS but I have to get the following off my chest. After listening to the excerpts for weeks and having listened to WTS umpteen times every day since its release I can confirm that it is simply, sensational. Heep have clearly got the bit between their teeth with this one. 10 years of `frustration?` has resulted in possibly their best all round album ever. Having followed the band since first hearing them in 1972 and being a classic Heep fan of that era then it is saying something to admit it although both Sea of Light and Sonic Origami, in my opinion, both pushed Demons and Wizards to the limits as the all time Heep classic album ever.

It would appear to me that everything good about each individual in this incarnation of Heep has come together to create WTS and we should all be extremely thankful. The world would clearly be a poorer place without it and with it, it has certainly made my own world a far better place.

In my humble opinion, I believe that Russell has added a new dimension with his powerful drumming and has perhaps helped give the rest of the band a new direction and purpose. Phil appears to have become more prominent with his organ work. Trevor has some great bass lines and proves without doubt that he is a truly great bass player. Mick once again is superlative and exceeds all expectations with some classic wah wah and many memorable guitar licks although it should not be unexpected. As for Bernie, all I can say is that WTS is, without doubt, his best vocals yet. Mick and Phils songwriting partnership goes from strength to strength and Trevors contributions to WTS are both exceptional.

In writing this review and listening to WTS at the same time I have to conclude that if I had to listen to one Heep album only before I was to meet my maker then it would have to be WTS.




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