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Ten years after "Sonic Origami" album, Uriah Heep are come back with  this strong  cd  with 70's flavoured sound.
The opening track is a mix of their 70's old style music and new brand sound of this era....
Wake the sleeper is one of few Uriah Heep's album where is not present the acoustic sound,that sign their entire career....
Anyway i rate this album like the greatest cd of recent line-up (since 1986) and one of their five greatest albums of ever!
These are my favourite songs of Wake the sleeper's album:

Wake the sleeper
of the world
The ghost of the ocean
What a kind of God (in my humble opinion,
it's one of their  best  ballads of ever.....)

Hi heepsters!

Simone Parisi
the  italian heepster from  Monza (Italy)

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