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Hi guys. I hope you are all keeping well. I will not mince my words, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Wake the Sleeper! Please accept my own personal review of your amazing masterpiece.

First impressions are brilliant. Wake the Sleeper (the song) is a fantastic introduction. Upbeat, sharp and catchy with great work from all the band members and a thunderous start to the album. I knew from this point on that Heep had done it once again and produced a barnstorming piece of work. The guitar riffs are spinebusting and the song grabs you by the scruff of the neck and efuses to ease its grip until th climax.

Then it's onto Overload. Again, immense guitar riffs and a fantastic headbanging rhythm. This track is even more superior to its live counterpart. Bernie's vocals are top notch, Russell proves that he is worthy of sitting on Lee's dumstool and Mick is going bonkers on his weapon of choice, ably backed by Trevor. That repeating riff during the chorus (the one that sounds a bit like the opening bars of the German national anthem) is terrifyingly bonechilling and sends shivers down my spine. SUPER SONG. SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER

Next we have Tears of the World. Are we given a breather? THE HELL WE ARE!! More of the same. Very high levels of enthusiasm, passion and slick, raw energy from all band members combine to crete another masterpiece. Bonecrunching guitar, drum, keyboard etc work from the first second to the last. Phil really gets a chance to shine here. I almost had tears in my eyes listening to the beauty of this recording. It REALLY has been worth the wait and at this point I must bestow my most grateful thanks on Mick, Phil, Bernie, Russell and Trevor. This is Heep as we all know and love.

Now it's the turn of Light of a Thousand Stars. Oh my goodness, the passion just does not die! ANOTHER barnstormer! This one is slightly lighter than what has gone before but make no mistake, this number will have no trouble at all in keeping your complete and undivided attention. Some truly marvellous lyrics I must say.

Heaven's Rain, come on down. Similar to songs from the Byron era, this number seems like a refreshing trip down memory lane. Still maintains the heavy aspect, but in other respects it is a slightly more gentle number and will give your aching body a rest from all that intense dancing up and down its predecessors will ensnare you into performing. A really nice highlight is the guitar solo circa 1:50 which is soon accompanied by Russell's drums. This is then followed by a SEARING guitar solo which for me is the highlight of this song.

Book of Lies reminds me a little of Traveller in Time, especially at the start but rest assured, this is no ghost from the past. A wonderful, energetic number that keeps you hooked all the way through. Bloody hell, can this album possbly GET any better? Listen out for Mick round about the 2:00 marker.

What Kind of God Yes, it does get better. Here we have a nice, relatively light (at least in comparison to the rest of the album) number with powerful and moving lyrics. Has a strong second half which gradually builds up to an absolutely thunderous climax and beautifully compliments the more easy and gentle opening so all in all a song with something for everyone.

Ghost of the Ocean is the next song up and we return to the high-speed, face-melting guitar solo driven numbers. Certainly a song to get your foot tapping to and a number in which all our boys can allow themselves to sit back and let the music flow freely from their instruments.

Angels Walk With You Well, they certainly walked with Heep when they were composing this. A great, melancholy and haunting opening is followed by a head stomping and air guitar whirling number which is mind-numbingly excellent in its execution. The haunting feeling briefly returns in the midde and makes the goose pimples rise on your flesh before the hard rock elements come crashing back in andassault your ears with a huge ferocity.

What's next? Shadow is next baby! It's no surprise that so many songs on this album follow the classic Heep style, yet not one of them is even close to a rip-off. This one is a fantastically catchy tune that tugs at your eardrums with gleeful pleasure and you will very soon find yourself belting out the chorus: "SHADOW!" along with the band. A slight touch of Bird of Prey-style jams here and there but only very slight. Killer guitar riff finale too.

Last but by no means least we have War Child and what an epic way to finish! Could this be the July Morning of the 2000s? Killer drumming by Russell and Bernie really throws himself into his vocal performances. He is a very unique talent and he does this song, as well as the entire album, spectacular justice.

Mick, well, Mick does what he does best. The guitar eleent is so strong in Heep and Mick rises to the challenge at every chance and he delivers unbelievable guitar work on every last song.

Phil is a demon on the keyboards and he really does grab the opportunity to let rip with boh hands and the results are phenomenal. Good old Trevor can always be expected to deliver solid bass work and he never lets us down once. And Russell has demonstrated to me that Heep really couldn't have chosen a better drummer to fill the boots of the great Lee Kerslake. A true masterpiece in every sense of the word.

Love from
North-East England

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