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Wanted to say that the new Heep CD Wake The Sleeper is a great addition to the Heep catalogue; a tour-de-force that starts fast and never takes it's foot off the throttle. My favorite tracks are Light of a Thousand Stars and Heavens Rain which both should be hit singles but in this day and age I doubt will ever be heard by most people here in the US. Heep just doesn't get radio play here but I hope that this CD gets it's proper promoting for a change.
I think that Russell Gilbrook brings an explosive edge to the band that gives them a real shot of adrenalin and I think that Mick is as great on the guitar as ever, Trevor brings his usual professionalism to the bass, Phil has finally stepped up into Hensley's place and Bernie's voice is stronger than ever.
I must add that although Book of Lies is a great song I wish the group and Ken Hensley could get along-why the slam on someone(did I STEAL your heart and leave it in the RAIN-nobody says that so it must be a reference to Ken and his Blood on The Highway book) who has meant so much to the group.
That said I love the new CD and want to give my thanks to Mick for keeping Uriah Heep alive.
Hope to see you in the States soon!
Gary Krebill

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