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Well, I've got WTS till the first day it was released, the 30th May 2008.
The point is that I'm still keen on listen to it, 2 and half months later: For me, it didn't happen since... Head First (Yes I like also Abominog a lot) or even Raging silence. For me, theses albums (as WTS) are rock music that I like. I know SOL was very good,but in my opinion, it lacks the rage, the rock edge that you can (a last) hear in WTS. Rock music must contain a urgent, a raging feeling and WTS gots it. But not only: it gots some powerfull instrumental breaks, some clever musical constructions, these little things make a big difference for me. The songs are more passionate to listen to, it keep me awake from bored feelings. I like the certain progressive feeling. I' d like to add: the writing, the interpretation in general is more confident, and more aereted.. they play fast but not in a rushing way.... they keep some space between notes... it's a great improvement for me since last album. Of course, the input of Russell Gilbrook is decisive, but the production of Paxman is the other great thing: for exemple the intro of Overload is giant: what a big sound, what a clever construction.

You can listen to WTS from the first song to the last without beeing unconfortable in the journey...each track contains a moment where I can think "Oh Yes, I like that moment, I like that playing".. and you can even put the record for others peoples not in the Heep music: they would say: "what? It's Uriah Heep? Oh Yeah it rocks and it's damn effective" At least it happened to me ! ! !

There are somes tracks from WTS: That I'm very proud of. I say that in a strange way maybe: but I have a proud feeling to love UH when I listen to titles like: Angels walks with you, War Child, Wake The Sleeper ou What Kind of God...

That's my general feeling and I also and honestly, have to talk about others aspects: Heep are composed by great professionnel musicians: all of them for sure, but if they are not maybe the most gifted musicians (in a technicaly way), their unity in the playing is tied and amazingly great. (Listen to the last Asia album, with such renamed musicians as Wetton, Palmer, Downes and Howe.. it just felt apart..shame on them) Gilbrook is powerfull, fast and well.. young But Box, Bolder, Shaw and even the too much laid back Lanzon kick ass.. that's so goooood.

The writing quality of composition is good, sometimes very good. but the quality of the interpretation (playing) has an imput much more important. Box/Lanzon are enough good, but well "Who knows" or Daisley are missing in these field. (But "Who knows" albums (BOTH for expl) are so weak without the Heep input or treatment)

In fact, the "Oscar" for the writing (music) is to be given to Bolder: Angels Walk With You and War Child are outstanding.... well What Kind of God is also an highlight from Box/Lanzon.

So thanks Uriah Heep for that great album that illuminate my 08's summer... so, in my opinion the wait wasn't worth. Keep the same musical vein in your next album... next year

Happy days R back!!!

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