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Wow ,there was a lot of hype surrounding this release ,did it live up to it ? Absolutely - in spades !

While we had to wave goodbye to beloved drummer & founding member "The Bear" Lee Kerslake,who also w/Bob Daisley wrote most of Ozzy's first 2 albums - but that discussion's for another time - just expressing his pedigree !

New drummer Russel Gilbrook seems to have energized the lads on this release .If you notice most of the tunes on this album were co-written by Mickey Box & Phil Lanzon ,exactly the combo Heep needs ,check out the organ / guitar drenched songs within .No mistake here as the early Heep was fuelled by guitar / organ .

Some of their heaviest & humblest -sorry couldn't resist :0) ,since their earlier classic period .As good as Sonic Oragami & Sea of Light were ,& there wasn't a bad track on either as well as flawless production ,this one's catchier & heavier .In this reviewer's opinion their finest since their also underrated masterpiece 1982's Abominog .

Classic Rock magazine has rated this album very highly even putting it in the running for album of the year ! No surprise once you've heard it .So if you love classic hard rock & Heep in particular pick this up & witness a band "slayin' 'em" !

The lads have worked 'ard on this one & should be rewarded !

Long live Heep !


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