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Well I finally listened to WTS. Actually I had it a few weeks ago but it took that long to get the damned shrink-wrap off! Anyway, having been a UH fan since 1970, except for the Sloman era, I've got to say this is one great release. It gets better with repeated listenings.
Two things especially stand out, Bernie's vocals and Russell's drumming. I don't know if it's the passage of time or the mix on the CD, but whatever it is, it's making a great rock voice even better. Russell just propels this release from start to finish, no offense to Lee!
Maybe the one thing I miss is the varied approach that was used on Sonic Origami, but hey, I'm not complaining. The band that's been a  part of my life for so long has shown that they can still kick buttocks. I just hope it's not a decade until the next one AND please come to the states again. It's been long enough, don't you think? Uriah Heep, one damned fine band!

Chris Previti


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