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By Ralph Pluim

Wake the Sleeper should wake every Heepster and even every music lover for that matter, because this album rocks!

I must admit that I wasn't a Wake the Sleeper virgin anymore, after listening to the clips on internet. Shame on me. But be prepared. There is so much more than these clips show you.

It was around 23:30 the 30th of May. I put on my headphones, got myself a beer and pushed the play button. And so after almost ten years after the excellent Sonic Origami new Heep was coming thru. And wow what an experience it was. I can tell you I listened with a big smile on my face. And that smile didn't vanish, even after the album was finished.

This album opens in an unbelievable way with the title track. I like to listen to black metal sometimes, so I'm used to heavy stuff. But to hear Heep this heavy and fast...Well if you aren't awake after this hit you, your probably dead.

You have to love Heep´s new man. Russell Gilbrook is such a great drummer. He takes Heep to a new level. And the man who who was always there, Mr. Mick Box has some of his best and most furious moments ever.

We already know “Overload” and “Tears of the World” ofcourse, but to hear them blazing thru your speakers with a great production from Mike Paxman is something else.

I never heard Bernie sounding better and Phil on his Hammond is having lots of magic moments. This is Heep as you would like to hear them, but not in an old fashion kind of way.
But as Heep 2008.

“Light of a thousand Stars” will make a nice single and “Heavens Rain” and “Book of Lies” would have perfectly fit on Sonic Origami. Bernie really excels himself here.

And then we get, what surely will become a future classic. “What kind of God” is one of the best Heep songs ever. The way this song develops and it s climatic ending, is so f*cking good (sorry for that). I could go on hours and hours about this song, but you just have to listen to it.

But still there is still a lot more to enjoy “Ghost of the Ocean” is a great track that reminds me of “Time of Revelation” and “Everything in Life” and "Angels walk with you" is one of the best songs by Mr Trevor Bolder.

We know “Shadow” but again, to hear it blazing thru your speakers and with Mick at full speed. Another future classic. And then we still have "War Child", for me the best track that Trevor wrote for Heep and definitely one of my favorites. Great Hammond Phil.

Yes, I think I already said enough. You just have to listen to this album and let it suprise you. But be warned, there is a big change that you will be blown away.



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