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I am not a huge fan of reviews, cause I think everyone should make up
their own opinion unbiased of other peoples meanings, so I would like
to say this review is my thoughts about the album, and not yours! But
I sure hope you will share some of my views! So let's get going:

Let me get one thing straight first. There is not enough adjectives to
describe how I feel about this CD. It is just undescribable good, but
I will try to get the message across!

Well, where to start? First I should mention the whole package, what a
brilliant album cover/rear cover. And the booklet is soooooo goood!
Lovely fonts, background pictures, and of course brilliant pictures of
the members!

On to the music, and the opening track "Wake The Sleeper" No need for
coffee anymore, no Sir! Just play this one on your stereo, and you are
guarenteed to stay awake for another couple of hours (maybe spend some
of them with your ear doctor if you aren't carefull). You thought
"Against The Odds" was an fast agressive start (that lead to a
brilliant album), well then I suppose this is "Against The Odds" on

Overload- Brilliant and important lyrics (like through the whole cd,
these guys can write! Love it!) Phil just sets the standard for the
rest of the album on this one, completely brilliant!

Tears Of The World - I know the YouTube videos cured some of our pain
while waiting for the new album, and the sound was actually pretty
good on those clips, but compared to this? The bass lines on this one
is the signs of even more amazing things to come later from the
maestro Mr. Trevor Bolder.

Light Of The Thousand Stars- Beautiful! Just simply amazingly
beautiful! Although no way a classic ballad, the lyrics combined with
the amazing Bernie Shaw and great melodies makes this one of the most
beautiful Heep songs ever.

Heavens Rain- Phil Lanzon! You are kickasstic good! I love this one!
Amazing when the tempo goes down, magic notes from Mr Box filling with
me a warm cosy feeling, and I am pretty sure I didn't piss myself, but
I might well have without noticing.

Book of lies- Again, I have nothing but praise. Love the build up of
this song, amazing chorus on this one. Beautiful!

What Kind Of God - Yes, I know I have used the same adjectives more
then once, but what am I to do? I almost get "Tears In My Eyes" when I
re-listen to this one right now. Just listen yourself, I don't think I
will be able to write something about this that makes sense.

Ghost Of The Ocean - Phil, thank your writing those hammond lines! I
love this one (surprise?), cool lyrics, and man those backing vocals?!
Amazing (sorry). Love the middle part of this song.

Angels Walk With You - Bernie Shaw, you give me sooo many goosebumps
on this one! One of the most brilliant songs I have ever heard.
Russel's cymbal work on this gives me the chills, and in a good way!

Shadow - I am just in awe over Mick Box, after 40 years you pull out
your best riffs ever! Man, you are my hero. Russel, you are all over
the place on this one, love it!

War Child - Bernie rocks this one! His best vocal performance ever!
(and that says quite a lot!) Such a powerfull song, with brilliant
lyrics! An excellent way to end off the album.

Ok, sorry for the bad language and for using way too many adjectives,
but I just couldn't manage to express my enthusiasm without them. I
love this album! I love this band! This band is, and will for ever be
my nr 1!

Excellent perfomance from everyone on this album! Mick, you will bring
me many 'appy days indeed, 'nuff said! Russell, welcome to the band and
what an entry! You drumwork is literally sickly good! Phil, I have
always loved your work, and I can hear your soul coming through with
every Hammond note on this one, thank you! Trevor Bolder, I
LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE YOUUUUUUUU! Bernie Shaw, what a frontman you are,
and what a vocalist! I am so impressed I am practically speechless.

One last note is the backup vocals on this album, they are so orginal
you will not believe your own ears when you hear them! This band know
how to make melodies, that's for sure! And also, last but not least,
amazing production from mr Mike Paxman!

So, the eternal question, how good is this album compared to the other
Heep albums? Well, I find it very hard to compare albums, they are
made in totally different times, and they all where right when they
were being made. But if you forced me to rate this, then I would rate
it as the best Heep album ever!

Chod- Kristoffer Berntsen a 'appy Heepster from Norway




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