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In the seventies they were far ahead of their time. There is no doubt that many bands are influenced by  Uriah Heep. Many personal changes and mismanagement caused the end of their Heydays  to quickly.

But see here, the band lead by  guitarist Mick Box hits back for the first time in 10 years.

This comeback sounds quite surprising. The songs  go back to the old days of classic albums like Look at Yourself and Demons and Wizards. The huge added instrumentations are back and Box uses his wah wah pedal enthousiasticly again. The biggest surprise thoug are the brilliant songs,  and the enormous power and wonderful vocals by Bernie Shaw. With producer Mike Paxman on the bridge Uriah Heep never sounds dull, the tens is there till the very last note. It is a shame this band is not on Arrow Rock.


Jean Paul Heck.





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