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*New Feature* is presenting your MP3's to the net

Send in your songs now - we'll host them, include them in our library and present them too...just send to .

These can be anything you have written, these do not need to necessarily be Uriah Heep songs - if you have written it, and you own the copyright to it, just send it in.

Please Supply:
* Your name or Band Name:
* Song Title:
* Any descriptive text about your composition you wish
* An E-mail Address:

We will also be playing you compositions at with your approval 

Got tunes ? Send your mp3's to
15Mb limit - please include your name and info about you !
(Heep related music or not welcome)


What is the best one?
Alex Falcone - RAIN
Circle of Hands Tales (mp3)
Circle of Hands Bird of Prey
willow-Switzerland stealin
willow stealin
Circle Of Hands fed. John Lawton & Lee Kerslake The Hanging Tree
Circle Of Hands Come Back To Me
Dreamer So Tired
B.A.S.S. I Wanna Be Free
B.A.S.S. Look At Yourself
B.A.S.S. Lady In Black
Dreamer I Wanna Be Free
Dreamer So Tired
Dreamer Sunrise
Skandal love machine
MauZZeR666 (Spain) Look At Yourself
Vik Viktory Stealin
Firefly Return To Fantasy
Steely Wonder Easy Livin'
Circle Of Hands Salisbury (a Part of it "Appeldorn 2006"
Overload(HUNGARY) Traveller in time
MauZZeR666 Too Scared To Run
Shock Tilt Easy Livin'
Jerihon Easy Livin'
Firefly Between two worlds (Mp3)
Yves Couture I'll Keep On Trying (mp3)
Vik Viktory Blind Eye
Vik Viktory Lady in Black
Firefly Circle Of Hands
Circle Of Hands The Park
Yves Couture Circle Of Hands (mp3)
Yves Couture The Wizard (mp3)
4&Goy The Wizard


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