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The following Posters and Album Release Adverts have been provided by
Peter Nielsen from Sweden.

Peter is the originator and webmaster

Peter says:

Hi there

My name is Peter Nielsen and Im the webmaster for the site

I started listening to Hardrock in the end of the seventies. One of the first records Ive got was Sweet Freedom by Uriah Heep.

My favourite band is Thin Lizzy but Im collecting records with all classic hardrock bands.

One year ago I started to collect promoadverts. Ive started with Thin Lizzy but then I decided to collect all groups.
I found this wonderful site and I thought that I could help by sending some promo-adverts to Dave.

Ive also got 400 magazines with lots of information. Ill scan all articles with Heep and send them to Dave.
My own website contains everything with Thin Lizzy and the former members.

If you into Lizzy you might want to have a look.

Best wishes from Peter Nielsen



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