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Hi Heepsters!

*** 10 YEARS OF
WWW.URIAH-HEEP.COM 1997-2007 ***


- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
May 12 - Meisel Rock Festival, Bayreuth, Germany
May 27 - Laugardalshöll Music Hall, Reykjavík, Iceland
July 6 - Lovely Days Festival, Saint Polten, Austria
July 7 - Open Air, Peine (near Hannover), Germany
July 8 - Citadell, Oradea, Romania
July 14 - Rowlit, Parainen, Finland
July 20 - Meripäivät, Kotka, Finland
July 21 - Open air, Breitenbach, Germany
July 26 - Keitelejazz, Äänekoski (north of Jyvaskyla), Finland
July 27 - Umpitunneli, Tornio (north of Oulu), Finland
All details, tickets info, phone numbers:

- On April 14th 2007 we had 2 special events to commemorate: the debut of Russell Gilbrook piloting Uriah Heep's drumkit in Vuokatti, Finland, and the 10th Anniversary of the official site,

*** Photos from the gig can be found here:
http://uriah-heep.com/newa/voukatti07/ , here: http://heepfiles.info/fin/2007/04kuvat/page1.html , and here: http://www.suhonenmartti.fi/ .  Videoclips can be found here: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/videos2007.htm and here: http://heepfiles.info/fin/2007/1404.htm .
*** An audio interview with Russell Gilbrook made by Tapio Minkkinen is available here:
http://heepfiles.info/fin/2007/interv.htm .
*** A special message from the webmasters and Mick Box about the 10 years of UH.com can be found here:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/10years.php .

- Photos from the Uriah Heep "Acoustically Driven" tour in Germany:
http://uriah-heep.com/newa/heepberlin/ .

- Pictures and reports on the recent Record Fair in Utrecht, Holland can be seen at
http://www.uriahheep.web-log.nl .  Bouwe "The Wizard" is the winner of the Heep jacket, t-shirt, plectrum, Heep bandana, and buttons.  The next event in Holland will be the Sheepmarket - 2007 edition, on October 13th.  The Dutch Heepy Team is sponsoring "Stichting de Nees" where former Ajax/Barcelona/Dutch national football team player Johan Neeskens endorses the help for disabled children.  More details at http://www.denees.nl .

- The items provided by Lee Kerslake and which were not sold during the Record Fair will very soon be available for bidding at eBay (
http://www.ebay.com ).  Check the items here: http://www.rentrock.nl/kerslake/ .  More items will be added soon!!

- Read about the 1973 live gig in Springfield, story by Glenn Magnussen:
http://www.moreheep.com/springfield1973/ .

- If you know about any missing dates in our "live dates listing", please e-mail us at louis@uriah-heep.com and they'll be added.  If you send photos and/or a report they'll be added as well.  The start page is here:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/gigs1969.php .

- Some photos from Heep concerts in Switzerland in recent years are available here:
http://www.ozzyd.ch (thanks to Osi).

- Trivia time 1: a monument dedicated to Uriah Heep and "Sonic Origami" in Holland?  Read the complete story and see the pics here:
http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/sonmon.php .

- Trivia time 2: a really funny cover of "Easy Livin'" performed by the Leningrad Cowboys:
.  Thanks to Knut Svendsen for the link.

- Trivia time 3: a clip from the BBC TV series "Life On Mars" featuring Uriah Heep's "Traveller In Time" as the soundtrack:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmw2IxUFGhA .  Thanks to Graham Hulme for the tip.

- Trivia time 4: Uriah Heep in "Signs of Fame":
http://www.fernweh-park.eu/eng/stars/signs/uriah.htm .


- An audio interview with Ken Hensley is available here:
http://www.rockbottom-music.de/interviews/ken.mp3 .  Thanks to J?g Reiche of the Rock Bottom radio show in Hamburg, Germany.

- A printed interview with ex-Heep bassist Mark Clarke can be found here:
http://dmme.net/interviews/clarke.html .  Thanks to Dmitry Epstein for the link.

- Also available is a new interview with ex-Heep manager/producer Gerry Bron:
http://www.somethingjewish.co.uk/articles/2267_gerry_bron_interview.htm .

- Firefly, the Uriah Heep Tribute Band, will be performing this weekend in R?esheim, Germany at the Stay On Top - German Fan Club of Uriah Heep annual meeting!  More details about the meeting here:
http://www.rena.onlinehome.de/SOT/SOT-Jahrestreffen2007/firefly-21.04.07-info.html .  Available on the Firefly website are all their upcoming gigs: http://www.firefly-band.com/html/termine.html .

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