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This is today's edition from a very popular comic in Holland's second biggest national newspaper 'De Volkskrant':


It reads:
It was about time a monument was raised for Uriah Heep

last week in Amsterdam a monument was unveiled remembering the assassination of movie director/columnist etc. Theo van Gogh, who was killed by a wannabe moslem terrorist. It depicts a 'scream' and refers to freedom of speech.

The link to Sonic was published before, but always in sidelines and never as visible as this time.

(especially in this context it is funny to have that said by two women in burqas. The burqa ladies have been featured in this comic for a long time now and they always make comments that you do not associate with burqa ladies - as in this case: it's extremely unlikely they would sooner associate this with Heep than with moslem terrorism or with freedom of speech)

It's definitely not a bad thing for Heep to be associated with Theo van Gogh! in fact this way Heep is associated with freedom of speech, and that is of course a very good thing. It's also a pretty honourable thing to be featured in this comic. Not many bands do, it's usually either social or political issues and IF people are featured by name, it's people in the news, like politicians. I can't remember any other musician ever being mentioned.

I suggest next time they're in Holland, the band should pay a visit to the monument (accompanied by journalists of course) and pay their respects to 'freedom of speech'. Sonic


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