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- Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!
December 2 - Schlachthof, Soest, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 3 - Neus Theatre, Emden, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 4 - Audi Zentrumn, Flensburg, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 6 - Alte Oper, Erfurt, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 7 - Michaeliskirche, Leipzig, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 8 - Passionskirche, Berlin, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 10 - Zur Linde, Affalter, Germany (electric gig)
December 11 - Stadtgarten, Bunde, Germany (electric gig)
December 12 - Stadthalle, Deggendorf, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 13 - Carl Orff Saal, Munich/Gasteig, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 15 - Scala, Ludwigsburg, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 16 - Kulturhaus Ambach, Gotzis, Austria (acoustic gig)
December 17 - Konzerthaus, Ravensburg, Germany (acoustic gig)
December 18 - Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland (electric gig)
January 21 - TBA, Greece
January 22 - TBA, Greece
February 18th - March 8 2005 - Russia Tour
All details, links, etc.:
German Tour info: http://www.kb-k.com/HTML/Tourdaten%20Uriah%20Heep.htm

- The Magician's Birthday Party 2004 - the Heepy event of the year!

* "Between Two Worlds" is the amazing record of Uriah Heep live in concert at The Magician?s Birthday Party 2004.  Order "Between Two Worlds" by 31st December 2004 and get a free Uriah Heep T-Shirt from Classic Rock Direct:

* A very interesting report by Jerry Bloom, organiser of the MBP festivities at the Bush Hall is now here: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/bloomreview.htm .  In addition, more photos of the Circle Of Hands acoustic gig can be found at their website: http://www.circle-of-hands.de/ .

- Uriah Heep on German TV!  At least 10,000 people singing "Lady In Black" along with The Heep.  Heep was introduced on stage by a story of two lovers who never got married.  They met during the Lawton-era and went to many Heep gigs together.  "Free Me" was played in the background while Thomas Gottschalk, the presenter, was telling this story.  Gottschalk promised that Heep would play "Lady In Black" if they promised to marry at that moment, which they did with a big laugh, and so Heep was on!  As expected the hall went nuts and sang along with the band.  After the performance, Mick Box and Bernie Shaw invited the couple to be their guests during the entire German acoustic tour.  Photos and videos off the TV program:

- More reviews on Heep's gig in Guernsey now available at Heep.com's main page: http://www.uriah-heep.com/


- Bernie Shaw has done the voice over on the new OXO cube TV advert that is now running on British television.  It's called "Shepherd's Pie".  Bernie sounds more like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden than his usual self on the ad, but that?s the approach they wanted!  The visuals are supplied by a heavy rock band from up north... but the voice is all Bernie's!!  Keep an eye out, it?s running on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 most evenings!

- Due to some unexpected "technical and tactical" reasons, the release of Ken Hensley's new studio album, "The Wizard's Diary", is being delayed and so it will be available on his site from mid-January:
http://www.ken-hensley.com .  Meanwhile, the new "Free Me" maxi-single is already available for orders.

- Trevor Hensley's website is now back up and running, actually renamed to
http://www.trevorhensley.net .  Also, Stella and Trevor are expecting TWINS, they are 9 weeks old now!  Congratulations can be sent to the happy couple through the website!

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