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Bernie Shaw Interview

Adam Harrold of Rocksomething.com interviewed Mick Box NEW 19/9

Mick Box about Black in Black by AC/DC  NEW 19/9

 Photos and reviews of the most recent gigs here !



David Byron
(German David Byron Site)

An OFFICIAL STATEMENT by Uriah Heep april 5

Magicians Birthday Party 2004

Mick Box Interview Prior to the shows here !
Provided by Martin Kramer and Franšois
Part I   Part II

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New Photos from Mick Box !


October 14th Edition of Goldmine

Todd Whitesel and our friends over at Goldmine Magazine produced a spread on Uriah Heep for their October 14th edition. It's a 6 page feature, chronicling the history of the band,  the up's and downs over the years, members, discography, and  a really nice selection of pictures.

There's information on virtually every band member that has passed through the history of Heepdom, a nice bit on the webteam :-) as well as mention of a new release and some GREAT commentary in general about Uriah Heep.

Todd says:

"Getting to correspond with Mick and the rest of the guys and write this story was an honor and a lot of fun.

 I've been listening to Uriah Heep since I was 12-years-old back in 1979. The first Heep album I ever purchased was the Greatest Hits album because it had a cool cover - I had heard of the band but had never actually heard their music. I was immediately hooked and have been a fan ever since.

It's amazing that 26 years later I had a chance to actually chat with the band members and write their story. It's even more amazing that Heep are still going strong today! Well done Mick, Lee, Bernie, Trevor, and Phil. And thanks for the opportunity to put Heep on the cover of Goldmine.

 It was long overdue!"

All the best to the band and the fans.

Todd Whitesel

Thanks to Todd and all the guys and gals over at Goldmine

Appy Days !


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