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Hensley in Amsterdam 1999
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Spiders From Mars | T.Bolder Circle of Hands de John Wetton
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Heep Collectors Fans Bob Daisley
Henk van der Vis Collection Heepsters on the WEB int. Bob Daisley.com
Evert Achterberg Archive UHAS issues  
Louis Collection Uriah sHeep market 2007 ( NL )  
Heep at Ebay Heep conventions '98 '99' '00 Nigel Ollson
Heep Photo's Young Heepsters int. Nigel Olsson
Picture Book  lots of historical pictures Travellers in Time USA
Heep.com photo page Manfreds Uriah Heep fansite  
Acoustically Driven 2000 Easy Livin in Salo 2009  
Magicians Birthday Party 2001 Heepvention 2008  
Magicians Birthday Party 2002 Uriah Heep Specials Uriah Heep personel
Vincent Lagana Heep Pictures   Marquee ( Spice houseband in 60ths) Jools Cooper engineer
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