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The COVER art was designed again by the renowned Greek-American artist Ioannis (LYNYRD SKYNYRD, STYX, SAGA etc). A videoclip for “Nail on the Head” is going to be shot in the coming days and will be added to the album as a special interactive tool.

1e Review of Into The Wild

There are not many bands left from hard rock’s golden era from the early 1970s. A band that remains, however, even through several member changes and other problems is Uriah Heep. The classic band is now on it´s 22nd studio album with Into The Wild, and this is probably not the end for the band in any way. Uriah Heep still sounds hungry and the sound is heavier than its predecessor Wake The Sleeper, and I’m not at all disappointed that they made this move. The new album is something of a sister album to the 2008 release Wake The Sleeper. The band usually do this on a regular basis, as you who have followed the band might have experienced before . On this album they let the drums and hammond organ take a bigger place in the songs and this makes the music become even more dynamic. As a listener you can hear how Uriah Heep have had a boost with Russell Gilbrook entrance behind the drums. As usual Bernie Shaw comes out great on the vocals, better and better for every record he have been the singer for this band. Now, back to the songs of the album.

Into The Wild opens with a poprock tune called Nail on the Head, reminiscent of Uriah Heep’s late 70′s and 80′s poprock tunes. This track will also be the disc’s first single. The album really comes up to speed with the songs I Can See You and the title track  Into The Wild, which sometimes reminiscent of when the band played in the “land” of heavy metal. Unfortunately, Uriah Heep only keep this steam up for two tracks in a row. Subsequent the two next songs, I’m Ready and Trail of Diamonds, is very good. In particular, the small prog-rock piece Trail of Diamonds, which is built up in a classic cut with a quiet opening and closing in a groovy way. The song makes me think of “classic” Uriah Heep from their ‘ol days.


The band also offers a mid-tempo riffrocker in classic 70′s spirit with the song Southern Star. After that tune it is time for Mick Box & co with some classical harmonies in the song Believe, which we are accustomed to hearing them since ancient times. In the song Lost we can hear heavy rocking and hammond masturbation, this is the song where you also can enjoy a beautiful musical symbiosis between Mick Box and Phil Lanzon. The last two songs on the album is T-Bird Angel and Kiss of Freedom where the latter is an epic song in the classic Heep-spirit. I personally think it’s nice that the band ends a good album with  Kiss of Freedom, a bombastic and epic song, to calm the body after a wonderful musical journey together.

Is the disc worth all the overwhelming words from my side? It depends on if you dare let go of memories of Uriah Heep’s olden days (read the beginning of the 70s) and instead see and hear the disc as it is: a really good album from a classic hard rock band Uriah Heep. I can 100% say that Into The Wild is better than Wake The Sleeper (2008) and probably may come up in level with the amazing and classic Sea of Light (1995).


Label: Frontiers Records (FR CD 512)
Producer: Mike Paxman
Release date: April 15th in Europe and May 3rd in North America
Line-up: Mick Box (Guitars, Vocals) Trevor Bolder (Bass, Vocals) Russell Gilbrook (Drums Vocals) Phil Lanzon (Keyboards, Vocals) Bernie Shaw (Lead Vocals)

Rating: 8,5/10





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