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Jason Morris - Heep Fan and U.S. Olympic Team 2008 Coach

Jason Morris in Action !Jason Morris who has stated that he has his classes listen to the music of Uriah Heep has been chosen as the Head Olympic Coach for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team that will compete in Beijing China !

Jason, a 1992 Olympic silver medalist and four-time Olympian, not only brings a wealth of experience as a past athlete, but he served on the coaching staff for the 2005 World Championships in Cairo, Egypt and both the 2005 and 2006 Pan American Championships in Caguas, Puerto Rico and Buenos Aires, Argentina, respectively

Over the last few years, Jason has been in communications with both Dave White and Mick Box. Mick and Jason have exchanged autographs and posters and discussed the music of Uriah Heep as related to Jason's life and activities.

Jason says:

During many of our Judo training sessions we listen to Uriah Heep to pump us up. We crank up the new as well as the old Heep to get us going.
I have been personally a huge fan for over 20 years but one of my students in particular is a monster fan as he plays Heep exclusively during his extra workouts outside of Judo (running and lifting).

His name is Nick Delpopolo and is a only 17 but is a potential Olympian for 2008 and certainly for 2012 in London.

You can count me and my club among the many fans of Uriah Heep !

Jason's ranking is:
Shichidan (7th Degree Black Belt)

He was ranked 1st in the nation for 12 years (1987 - 1996, 1999-2000)


Jason Morris poses with the JMJC athletes at the press conference in Harlingen, TX naming him as the 2008 Olympic Coach for USA Judo.



News Brief from the Jason Morris Judo Club


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