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Uriah's Heep - The Uriah Heep Sandwich !

Uriah Heep the Sandwich

Many thanks to Lisa Miller of the  Mansfield  News Journal
(Lisa says: "My husband played in a band, Sinister Midget, for
years (they're on hiatus now) and they did "Stealin" and
the Head East song "Reason" as a medley.
...I have a goal to name a sandwich at Doc's too !"

"Hey Dave

Thanks for the call today about our deli in Mansfield !
Vander Maas"

Yep - well, I was surfing around one day last week and came across an article titled:

"Uriah's Heep has made it. So have The Madhatter and I Love Lucy. Those three sandwiches are in the archive and on the menu at a Glessner Avenue deli that got its start when Dave Gorka's mom was in the hospital down the street."

I was intrigued - like what does Uriah Heep and "I Love Lucy" have in common , and what do they have in common with sandwiches ??

I looked up and contacted the writer of the article, Lisa Miller of the
Mansfield News Journal.

Turns out that the deli makes sandwiches that the patrons designsomeone has designed a "
Uriah's Heep" sandwich, and the deli is about an hour away from me
in Ohio. :-) Right Around the Corner so to speak !

Lisa explained what the article was about - my next step was to contact the Deli about the Uriah Heep Sandwich !!

1st of all - just what IS a Uriah's Heep Sandwich ?

"Uriah's Heep" is white bread, roast beef, American cheese, black olives, jalapeno, mushroom, red onion, pickle and tomato with mayo !"

Uriah's Heep - The Uriah Heep Sandwich !
Uriah's Heep - The Sandwich

Sounds Yummy !!

I contacted Susan
Vander Maas about the Deli, what they do , etc...

She says:

"Doc's "Soup-Herb" Deli serves high-quality deli sandwiches, soups, and salads. Customers are invited to create and name their own personal sandwich or salad creation which gets stored in the POS system so the next time the customer visits, the recipe can be pulled up and ready in no time. "

Pretty novel idea I think - I'll HAVE to get there and order one soon !

Susan is a Die-hard Heepster from way back - she says:

I discovered Uriah Heep when Demons and Wizards was released . . .

I think I played that album until I wore out the grooves! My favorite song was The Wizard, but I was blown away by every song on that album . . . great lyrics and kickin' music.

Then came The Magician's Birthday and Sweet Freedom - WOW - more amazing songwriting.

My secret dream was to be a musician and one day play on the big stage, and Uriah Heep helped me visualize my dream. I wanted to be a great keyboard player and I even had ideas for theatrical stage shows.

Alas, like John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." So, 30 years later, I still hold on to that dream.

My husband and I have a local band and the closest I've gotten to realizing my dream was to open up for The Godz this past summer at an outdoor benefit/party/hogroast. It was great and everyone loved it when we played "STEALIN'"!!!!

Wherever we play, people always love that song. And I am proud to play it !!

You can click here to see the menu at Docs, and click here to download the
"Create-Your-Own Sandwich" form !!!

Ohio Heepsters - fax or mail the form to Susan and YOUR own Heep sandwich could be waiting for you when you get there... 

They are located at :
424 Glessner Ave
Mansfield Ohio 44903
"Corner of Poplar and Glessner"

BTW - Free Wi-Fi is available :-)

Hmmm... I wonder if they ship to England !

Webmaster Dave


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