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Jason Morris - Heep Fan and U.S. Olympic Team 2008 Coach

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US Olympic 66kg hopeful, Jeremy Liggett (white) throws opponent at the US Open.2007 has been a very good year for USA Judo leading up to the summer Olympic Games in Beijing,

China. USA Judo's contingent is being lead by 1992 Olympic Silver medalist & 4x Olympian, Jason Morris who has been serving as the Head National coach since 2005.

Morris will be logging quite a bit a travel time and will no doubt be bringing a heavy dose of Uriah Heep on his Ipod as he is a big fan.

Morris is also owns and operates the Glenville, NY based Jason Morris Judo Center where many of the top athletes train.


Among the many accomplishments of the Judo team this year are winning 6 medals including 3 Gold (Ryan Reser-73kg, Ronda Rousey-70kg & Travis Stevens-81kg) at the Pan Am Games in Rio and having the best World Championships since 1995 winning a total of 15 matches including a silver medal (Ronda Rousey-70kg).

The Worlds were also held in Brazil. The US team has also seen a lot success on the European circuit which has been a barometer for athletes winning medals at the world and Olympic level. Other than the names mentioned earlier to look for to make a run at the Olympic team and possibly land on the podium in China are Jeanette Rodriguez (48kg), Val Gotay (57kg), Katie Mocco (78kg), Taraje Williams-Murray (60kg), Justin Flores (66kg) & Brian Olson (90kg).

There are many other talented athletes across our great nation that will challenge those mentioned here for spots on the Olympic team. "I look forward to further working with the athletes to help them reach their ultimate goal, winning an Olympic Gold medal" said Morris.

For New York Area Heepsters that would like to contact Jason, he can be reached through http://www.realjudo.net .

US Olympic 66kg hopeful, Jeremy Liggett (white) throws opponent at the US Open.

Photo credit: Lou DiGesare/realjudo.net

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