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July 1986 - September 1986

Phil Lanzon, Trevor Bolder, Lee Kerslake, Mick Box, Steff Fontain.

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Goalby’s departure was soon followed by that of John Sinclair, who along with Pete had enjoyed a big say in Heep’s writing for the previous three albums, electing to join Ozzy Osbourne. "Old Ozzy’s done alright out of me!" quips Box. 

"John supplied his fair share of laughs for the band, though. I remember a time in Victoria, Canada, when after we’d been out drinking we returned to our room and he stuck his contact lenses inglass of water next to hois bed. 

He wakes up in the morning with a mouth like Ghandi's flip-flop, drinks the glass of water and swallows the lenses! I was woken u pby the cry of 'Oh, fuck!' An he’s as blind as a bat without them, I tell you." The man, as affable as ever, has come to terms with the constant air of change in terms or working personnel. 

"It’s hard getting the right people andit’s very draining too, but if you believe in something you work at it." he says. And work at it Box did, first tracking down keyboard player Phil Lanzon, whose past included Grand Prix and Sad Cafe and whom Mick had seen playing with The Sweet. 

Indeed the was in Tasmania with the latter when approached. "He fitted in immediately. We had the same mentality and he wrote as well." And then came LA vocalist Stef Fontaine. "He was desperately bad," says Mick. "I couldn't believe anyone could be so unprofessional. He had a great voice but his discipline was something else. 

He'd go for a walk during rehearsals and then get lost. He even missed a gig in San Francisco once!" After that American tour it was the boot for Fontaine but that sorry chapter was to be the last real hiccup in Heep's long career.


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